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Every door is a mystery! Randomizes most of the doors in the game to result in a new and uniquely connected world.

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When you start a game or load an unrandomized save with this mod active, you will be prompted to select which expansions/mods with doors you'd like to include in the randomization. Then, every door connection from the selection is randomized. They're done so mutually so you shouldn't run into any one-way connections and the randomization will stick for the entirety of that save. You will be forced to explore a world where random Goodsprings settler's house could connect straight to The Strip, for instance! Or Caesar's tent, Vault 22, Big MT, any other random place with doors.


Whenever you first run the mod, "WorldRandomizer.ini" will be created along with a "RandomizedWorld.ini" in your data\config folder. "RandomizedWorld.ini" is the randomization your game has, printed out. The ini file has just a couple options, namely allowing you to:
  • Reroll your randomization if you so desire (bRerandomizeWorld=1)
  • Import a randomization from "RandomizedWorld.ini" (for say, sharing a certain randomization) (bImportRandomizerjavascript-event-stripped1)
  • Export your randomization again, mostly in the event you reroll (bExportRandomizer=1)
When you import or randomize you're also asked if you'd like to hide the door prompts or not. This changes every door prompt to ??? until you go through one side of it.
You are also given a "Problem Solver": This allows you to warp back to the last door you went through, just in case you softlock yourself. You can find it in the Aid section of your Pip-Boy. (If you prefer however, you can remove the item via console (player.removeitem WRProblemSolver 1))


  • There are a few things not randomized, namely elevators with multiple options such as the Lucky 38, Gomorrah, and Vault 22.
  • Only the main quest is verified to work right now, side quests and such may be inaccessible.
  • The mod should be compatible with just about every other mod, including the ability to randomize other mods.
  • However, things that aren't the base game + DLC have 0 fixes currently. You may run into especially strange problems.
  • There are some included touches for the Yukichigai Unofficial Patch.
  • The final battle should work, however the objective targeting may be a little wacky. I've tried to clean this up, but let me know how it goes.
  • Speaking of which, let me know if you run into any doors that are wonky for one reason or another.


  • You will need xNVSE, the JIP LN NVSE plugin, and JohnnyGuitar NVSE. Also preferably a mod manager but that's up to you
  • You will most likely also need FNV 4GB Patcher.
  • Download this mod, unzip it, drop WorldRandomizer.esp into your Data folder (or install via mod manager)
  • Exact placement shouldn't matter, but this does change the objectives on the last main quests so you would want to put it after anything that messes with those.
  • Ennnnjoy!


  • NV Randomizer if you want to REALLY make it random
  • lStewieAl's Tweaks namely for the save manager option, juuuuust in case you run into something weird when going through a door (though the console's there to help too)


  • "WRLog.txt" is generated in your game install folder when you load a save for the first time in a session. It should contain information that may be helpful for debugging or reporting errors (such as the recent door IDs passed through).
  • If you want to export your game's randomization without reloading, you can type Call WRWriteaShuffleToFileUDF in the console.
  • If you want to reset all doors (at least until a save is loaded) you can type Call WRWorldResetUDF in the console.


  • PointCrow's similar mod for Pokemon Emerald was the original source of inspiration when I saw it about a month ago!
  • The devs of NVSE, JIP LN NVSE, and JohnnyGuitar NVSE without which this would not be possible
  • Anro on the xNVSE discord helped me tidy things up some
  • To both my boyfriend and my best friend for listening to me talk through my development from time to time!
  • ineedsleep for discovering a problematic, conflicting imod and BronSolo2323 for making a patch prior to 1.2
  • And these doorhunters for finding problematic doors!