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Makes North Vegas Square look like people actually live there.

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Update V2:
Inspired by the amazing work on Detailed New Vegas - Westside I've taken the time to update this honestly originally rushed mod with the level of detail it deserves. Please update from V1 as this is a large update adding much more to the location lacking in V1. To summarize some of the changes they are:
1) Much more clutter, effects, and use of assets I have gained experience with as I've had more time with the GECK and mod making.
2) A far more filled out environment that more properly reflects the desperate living conditions but the proud independent community with an electronics-centric scrap trade
3) More graffiti 
3) added a stray dog cause why not and disabled added NPC's for performance
4) Removed some too-good loot and replaced it with broken guns

Please see screenshots for V2 updates.

The mod is assured to be compatible with Th3Overseer's mods, Working on the Chain Gang, and Couriers Cache

Original Description´╗┐

North Vegas is one of the most under-utilized areas in vanilla New Vegas. It's implied that a community of locals is there who regularly scrap from places like the H&H tool factory. While places like Westside are pretty well filled out in the vanilla game this always looked like one of those side-locations not given anything more than a cursory glance due to the brutal deadlines.

This mod attempts to make the location look more lived in by adding beds, eating areas, and signs of scraping and scrap sellers inspired by the nearby H&H tools. Empty rubble areas have been slightly more filled in, but sleeping and eating areas are mostly focused around the barricade overhangs and one of the buildings has been opened up for a community garden on the roof.

If you are a fan of mods making locations more believable such as Mojave Expanded - 188 Trading Post MojaveX´╗┐, or my own lived in sewers and believable grub n gulp you'll like this one too! See pictures for an idea of what's new.

This mod is compatible with Th3Overseer's mods that effect North Vegas, in point of fact I recommend all of them. Eliza actually adds apartments to one of the buildings in North Vegas Square making the location even more filled and believable.

BIG thanks to Yossarian22 for his Various Meshes Resource pack and Jokerine with Jokerine's Misc Resources with a ton of good clutter with open permissions. This was great for produce, clutter, tools etc that I used for clutter.