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Much of the population with nowhere else to go lives in the sewers of North Vegas. Now it actually looks like it! Inspired by the metro series.

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I always found it strange how despite the fact a significant amount of poorer and destitute New Vegas citizens lives in the sewer system beneath the city the sewers themselves are almost entirely bare. I always felt they should reflect the same sort of look, feel, and atmosphere of some of the stations in the Metro series. This is my attempt to rectify that!

What this mod does.

Adds a lot of clutter and more bed and living space to the North Sewers to create a much more "lived in" and immersive feel.


Please update from the old version, below are only some of the changes.

Makes extensive use of the game's underutilized effects to add atmosphere.
Places much more graffiti.
Replaces several fire barrels for better performance.

What this mod does NOT do.

Add any NPC's to the sewers, adding a lot of clutter could have an impact on performance itself, but adding a lot of NPC's is a recipe for disaster. I would like it to look more populated, but I feel the clutter and aesthetic is more important.