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Companions for Wild Wasteland, Wild Rides and just the Wilds.

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Psycho Goreman
is a creature feature responsible for deaths of billions and worse eons ago before he was imprisoned in Lor-Ncar, a green ball that you can find in the Divide at the Crow's Nest. Psycho is very powerful even in his current punished state, and he has a very unique feature -- he spawns his monster slaves each time he engages into battle. There are two types of them, one is 'regular', and the other only appears if you have Wild Wasteland perk. He also calls upon a scorch beam from the stars to heal himself from time to time that can harm those too close to him. And as a proud owner of an acid heart he has acid in his veins that will splatter when someone hits him silly. So better keep your distance.

Psycho Goreman is binded to Lor-Ncar. Each time you wear it he's called to you from his abyss, and is banished there each time you take it off. There might be consequencies for using his services too often or for too long. Or maybe there isn't.

PG hates your guts. Nothing personal, he's just superbly annoyed by the fact 'a monkey' is giving him orders. 
He's directly inspired by a movie of the same name from Astron-6, where a couple of kids find a similar kind of eternal horror. And force it to do their bidings.

Where Goreman hates your guts, StINGs loves your guts. Ever since he put his eyes on you in Big MT's construction site, he just... adores your... guts. StINGs is a robot of unknown origin pretending to be an insectoid with all the basic functions you'd expect from a follower, plus his own stealth field that activates when you're sneaking. StINGs is identical to The Hunt from my Spook mod so if you have that one you can skip this one, I've just decided to make a seperate version of him for those.. who likes seperation.

Both mods have certain 'surprise items', some might keep secrets, and one of them has an outfit that's basically a parody of my previous stuff.

Companions are their own seperate plugins, and can either be used standalone or together in the same A-team. This page will be a hub for all my future 'weird companions', if any more will come.

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