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Zap Rowsdower, Co-Protagonist of the hit 1990 Canadian Student Film "The Final Sacrifice" joins you on your adventures.

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It had recently come to my attention that Bruce J. Mitchell, the actor who played Rowsdower passed away last month, April 28th 2018.
I just want to say that this mod, comes from a place of great appreciation and respect for the man, who as I understand was a very loving person with genuine talent and passion for acting. Thank you.

This mod adds everyone's favorite alcoholic 'Zap Rowsdower' from the 1990 Canadian Student-Film "The Final Sacrifice" (Also known as "Quest For The Lost City) as a voiced companion.

Rowsdower features a custom-textured outfit resembling his classic ensemble. He comes equipped with fully functional companion weapons based on the movie; that being a Hunting Shotgun and the infamous Grappling Hook.

Thanks to his skills as a microbrewer, Rowsdower can provide his friends with a free bottle of beer every day.

Rowsdower can be found in the Big Horn Saloon in Boulder City.