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Adds the quickhacking mechanic from Cyberpunk 2077 into New Vegas, in a balanced and lore-friendly package.

Permissions and credits
Quickhacking NV 010
The What


This mod adds a new way to spend your action points in combat inspired by Cyberpunk 2077's evolution on the standards of open world sci-fi RPG mechanics: Quickhacking.

This mod allows high Science and Intelligence characters to manipulate their enemies and the environment at the push of a button, including features such as:

-Hacking terminals at range
-Reprogramming robots and turrets to serve as handy allies
-Remote control over electronic doors
-Detonating opponents' energy weapons!
-Disabling Power Armored foes!
-A secret, hidden interaction! Think like a Brotherhood Elder...

Update 1.2: Added some quality of life stuff, including several big bugfixes, but the most important is that you can no longer hack robots you really shouldn't be able to, like Vendortron, and Mr. House's securitrons. Lore reason for the securitrons is blah blah Mr. House shows that he has countermeasures in Moon Comes Over the Tower blah blah. Real reason is that it's janky and possibly OP, but more likely to break something. I probably missed one or two in OWB so please let me know if I missed a spot.

Update 1.3 (BIG): Due to popular demand, I have changed how accessing the hacking works. Hacking abilities are now spread out across several different science perks to help players start having fun early while saving the really overpowered stuff for late-game, so late game science perks still work as effective capstones. The perks are Computer Whiz, Vigilant Recycler, Robotics Expert, Certified Tech, and Power Armor Training. The secret interaction has its own perk...

I've also added the ability to toggle whether hacking requires power armor to both plugins, as well as an option for disabling the main script running so you can check if this mod is causing too much script load for your game. This is more of a feature to help identify and report bugs in the code, but I figured someone out there might benefit from having it.

Lastly, I've also added the ability to detonate mines your opponents are carrying a la Detonate Grenade in Cyberpunk 2077. Only mines though, as they're the only explosives with actual sensors that can be manipulated. I will also be pushing an update later this week that cleans up some more of the spaghetti behind the scenes, so please report any bugs you encounter so I can fix them along with that update.


-Lonesome Road (Only the .esp that has perk requirements actually requires Lonesome Road, the other .esp needs no DLC)
-xNVSE (Latest Version)
-JIP LN (Latest Version)
-JohnnyGuitar (Latest Version)
-SUP NVSE (Version 2.00+ is an absolute MUST, THIS MOD WON'T WORK WITHOUT IT)
-MCM (Not a hard requirement, but highly recommended as otherwise you can't change keybindings)

The Why
The Idea Behind The Mod

The idea for this originally came about because of a perceived lack of ways for high INT and Science characters to express themselves through gameplay compared to other character archetypes.

The strong characters had sprinting and power attacking, and could use VATS to access special attacks with a variety of abilities, fast characters could use bullet time to shoot guns out of enemies' hands before they could even react, Unarmed characters could use VATS to set up elaborate combo chains, hell, even Medicine based characters could form a posse of companions and use JIP C&C to administer various buffs and heals to them in the middle of fights, but what can Science characters really do?

I wanted a way for smart characters to also be able to spend their action points in combat, but in a way that actively reflected the game feel of outsmarting and manipulating your foes rather than just making them 'guy who read book but also punch good', and the Quickhacking mechanic seemed like a perfectly natural fit.

I had to make some adjustments to reflect that Fallout is a different setting, one which is much less integrated, so I had to simplify it quite a bit to make sure it didn't overshadow the rest of the gameplay, and so that it would make sense within the context of Fallout's world.

Also Certified Tech is such a boring lategame perk for science characters that I wanted to adjust it to make it feel actually viable and worth a perk slot late game, to better diversify late game character builds.

Future Plans

A better MCM Menu that includes the ability to change the position of UI elements, and expanding the variety of hacks available to include things more directly inspired from Cyberpunk, such as the Ping and Distract Enemies functions. If my code was pasta, it would be spaghetti, so optimization is also a key priority. If you have a look at the code and see anything god-awful, please let me know.

The How


The mod package comes with two .esps, one which requires the Certified Tech Perk (the normal, balanced .esp), and one which doesn't require anything to begin hacking, for players who either want to test features out, or just fuck around and blow people's weapons up.

Simply download the mod with your mod manager of choice, and enable whichever .esp you want to use.
How 2 Haxx0r

Upon starting the mod and having Certified Tech unlocked, you will notice a small Hack label when mousing over objects that can be interacted with. if the label is green, then you can hack! If it is red, you're either too far away, or you don't have enough action points.

Remember, hacking innocent people is just as much a crime as assault or trespassing, and if you get caught, people might react violently!

When hacking crazy robots, it's important to remember that anything can go wrong. You have a chance to fail and frenzy robots when you hack them instead! This chance is modified by your Intelligence attribute.


This mod should have absolutely no incompatibility issues, as it uses scripts to add changes to perks at game start, so it should be compatible with any perk overhaul or changes to the perks affected that might exist out there. If there are any issues, please do not hesitate to submit a bug report.

Special Thanks

-Me for all of my hard work :)c
-Tomminfinite for SUP, HUDBARS Framework, and a massive amount of help getting this plugin to work
-c6 and the xNVSE Discord for answering my dumb coding questions even when they werent strictly NVSE related :<
oh and also for JohnnyGuitar
-jazzisparis for the JIP LN Plugin
-NVSE Team for the existence of NVSE

-Everyone who helped and supported me along the way