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TommInfinite and everyone he copied code from

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NVSE plugin which adds new functions and allows modders to easily add new UI elements to the game (HUD Bars).

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NVSE plugin which adds new functions for modders.
For complete list of functions please visit this page.

My mods which are dependent on this plugin:

For modders:

Since V2.00. SUP NVSE adds easy way for modders to add UI Bars and Meters into the game without need to create and manage XML files. More info here.

Game patches:
Since V1.25 SUP NVSE adds game patches(enabled by default):
  • bTFCPosOnLoadFix - Will disable TFC camera on game load if previously it was enabled before loading the savegame.
INI file could be found by this path - "Data\nvse\plugins\supNVSE.ini"
If you are using MO2 - it will be here "MO2\overwrite\nvse\plugins\supNVSE.ini"

Source code is avaiable here.

JazzIsPariz, Luthien, lStewieAl and everyone else who decoded the game throughout the years;
xNVSE team for kindly answering my questions and helping me with setting up this plugin;
Special thanks to C6 for helping setting up ExtractArgsEX;
Special thanks to JazzIsPariz for kindly letting me use some of his code;
Special thanks to Korri123 for ImprovedConsole and HotReload which are very helpful for testing;
Special thanks to lStewieAl for NumArgs;
Special thanks to AVeryUncreativeUsername for the banner;
NVSE team for NVSE;
for helping with the Wiki;
Brofield for SimpleIni;
mattreecebentley for plf_nanotimer.

who was there to support me.