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A remake of the NCR service rifle, with a higher (but optimized) polycount with 2k textures.

Permissions and credits

First of, i'd like to thank Quicksilver500 for his help in creating the WMX patch.


This mod features a remake of the Service Rifle, this means new more detailed mesh/model and new higher res 2K textures.
(It replaces the service rifle), now with WMX Compatible version.

Exact spec are as follows:

2k Normal, Diffuse, and specular.

The model is 12.723 tris.
(don't worry it runs fine, most likely)

Requirements and Compatibility

Only the base game is required.

This mod is incompatible with mods that alters the service rifle.

The WMX version requires WMX, Weapon Mods Expanded.


Just drag and drop the files into the game directory and enable the .esp,
Alternatively, use NMM (Nexus mod manager.) which should work just fine.


For anyone with the interest: an camouflage-mask texture is included in the misc section to download.
You can use it (in combination with an masking capable image editing software, such as gimp or photoshop)
to apply an worn camouflage to the diffuse (By masking with the mask, maskingly.)

I would also recommend this tidbit from Millenia: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/images/84009
for anyone with some technical knowhow and taste for good shading.