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A full retexture of T-45d powered combat armor covering both the default and BoS sets, plus the NCR salvaged variant.

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Another full retexture, this time for the T-45d power armor.

- The included plugin fixes a bug in the game that causes the default T-45 variant to have a BoS emblem on it. Now it's just pure steel without any markings. The plugin also makes it so that the game won't add back cylinders to the T-45. This is because I've permanently attached the cylinders to the body mesh itself (for aesthetic reasons). Normally the game replaces the cylinders with an ammo box when you have a minigun equipped - now the cylinders are simply covered by the ammo box.

- High and medium quality options are available. Medium quality may look a bit blurry up close.

- Titans of The New West compatibility patches are included. There's a version that uses the normal T-45 mesh and a version that uses the bulky mesh featured in TOTNW (credit to Wombat). The bulky version has a few texture issues though.

- The textures for the NCR salvaged version aren't that refined looking for a couple of reasons, but they're serviceable.

PS there's an issue with NV's T-45 mesh that causes the left elbow plate to become darker than normal in some areas. Couldn't fix it, but it's not a big issue.

Titans of The New West by Wombat


- Added textures for the NCR salvaged T-45