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JazzIsParis - Qolore7

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Simple xEdit script that applies the "Unknown 23" flag to all cells, which in JIP LN NVSE makes havok items not have their positions saved on the save file. Mainly for use with NV Interiors

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- N.V Interiors adds many new havok-enabled misc items in all of its new cells, which can cause your save to bloat to unplayable sizes due to the fact that the positions of each item have to be stored on your save file
- However, the latest update to JIP LN NVSE introduces a new feature, which allows for cells to not save the position of moved objects
- Can be used on any cell for any mod (including NV Interiors, TTW Interiors, NV Interiors Addon, etc)
- Why use this instead of NV Interiors Remastered? Well NV Interiors Remastered completely removes the misc items and replaces them with static items. It also disables some interiors and new magazines that I felt were too out of place. This script will keep everything from the original mod intact

1). Install FNVEdit
2). Download this mod and extract the "Edit Scripts" folder to the same folder you installed FNVEdit to (there should already be an Edit Scripts folder in there that this mod should align with)
3). Run FNVEdit and load all NV Interiors-related mods (or whatever mod you want to run the script on).
4). Once FNVEdit has loaded, expand the first NV Interiors ESM and right click on the "Cell" header
5). Select "Apply Script"
6). From the script drop-down menu select the script from this mod (Called "Unknown 23") then select OK
7). The script should run fine and finish in a few seconds
8). Repeat the process for any other NV Interiors-related mods you have loaded
9). Done! You can save and exit and enjoy reasonable save sizes! 

chucksteel - For NV Interiors
jazzisparis  and luthienanarion - For JIP LN NVSE