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Replaces many of "JIP Companions Command and Control"'s icons. The original icons are low resolution with weird colors and fov. These replacement icons are stylized after the perk images and blend in with the rest of the UI much better.

Permissions and credits
JIP Companions Command and Control is an excellent mod for wrangling your followers. But there's an issue in it that has always bothered me. The icons. Low resolution, odd fov and unnatural colors make them look just awful. Not to mention that they look out of place since they are full colors. This mod replaces them with perk styled versions that fit the rest of the UI much better.

    Q: What icons are covered by this mod?
    A: Base game, All DLC, TTW, Frontier, The Storyteller, Eve, Todd, Eliza, Charlie, Ford, Bradley, Sydney and Velius.
    Q: Will you make an icon for *mod*?
    A: If I personally use it or find it interesting I might get around to making a icon for said mod's followers or bother someone else enough to make it for me.

Special Thanks:
This mod simply wouldn't exist without ItsMeJesusHChrist's superb Consistent Pip-Boy Icons and it's sources.
Twiichii for the Eve, Ford, Bradley, Todd, Eliza, and Charlie icons.