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Fallout New California: Overhaul, standard download. Load after Fallout New California and any other modifications or addons for FNC..

Permissions and credits
Fallout: New California Overhaul

An extensive and immersive, lore-friendly modification created to correct mistakes, fix scripts and make generally a more interesting experience
in the standalone modification known as, Fallout New California for Fallout New Vegas.
The short and sweet:
Performance, balance and bug fixes for Fallout New California so it can be more enjoyable and less empty.

This Modification is Properly Packaged for Mo2, Vortex and other Mod Manager Installers.

Make sure that the
Meshes, Textures and other folders in the rar file are properly moved into the Fallout New Vegas/ Data folder and that the ESP for this modification is in there as well to insure this modification will run.

"New life breathed into the California Wasteland, delve deep into the San Bernardino Wasteland in this lore-friendly redux of Fallout: New California. Enjoy such quality of life improvements such as performance optimization, a story more closely rooted within the world of Fallout, and a finely tuned balance system. Explore new, exciting quests along the line of the originals. Discover the secrets of the State Reserve Bunker, Choose one of numerous sides all vying for control of the Wastes, and enjoy a humbled experience from your journey. A Quality of Life mod designed to make the New California experience both more enjoyable, stable, and above all: playable."

(True List of Changes and Fixes included in the readme)
Small List of changes and fixes:

Act 1: The Vault and the Coup.

Reducing Lag and performance bugs in the Vault section
Revising all of the loot, weapons, and other items and gear found in this section as not to give the Star Player good or overpowered skills,stats or weapons early on.
Stairwell Added in so you can walk if you want too.

Act 2: The Battle for Vault 18

Also reduced lighting and FX effects for the secondary act of the Vault. By removing un-used assets for performance
Re balanced NPCs and skill variety
Re-did all the leveled loot of the Vault Tec Security and Patriots. Because, I love waking up and getting shot with a 12.7mm pistol when I'm level 3.
Removed all instances of End-Tier Weaponry, such as the Light-machine Guns and replacing them with Service Rifles, and Hunting Shotguns, with 20ga.
You can find Lever-Action shotguns and small arm weapons scattered throughout the vault. No more Marksmen Carbines at the start or other higher grade weapons.
Gave Chevy a new set of fancy dandy combat armor so she can look cool, instead of like a regular weird one eyed freak in vault armor.
(Its unplayable, so don't get any ideas.)
Edited most loot, weapons and equipment you can find throughout the Hydroponics Lab. No more free hunting shotguns and machine guns.
Also reduced/Adjusted lighting effects within that section of the vault.
Created a new interior: Stairwell. Using the stairwell from before, you can now use it to escape to the maintenance section, but
will contain more enemies along with some rewards for moving taking the road less traveled.
Exiting the vault will be much more fun now that I've redone the lighting and Enclave troopers so they aren't so.....Easy going. And with adjustments,
It would be easier to traverse the cliff side to the exit instead of running head on into the enemy trying to kill you.

Act ???: The Wasteland

After looking over San Bernadino, the location itself is pretty much just Desert Walking Simulator Part 2. I added in more Raider locations, more loot
more lore, more story and just in general improvements to locations across the FNC world-space.
The Battle of I-15 is now way more enjoyable, as in less lag, stutters and crashing. The location has been improved to be more fun and I will be adding
in a fully functional Vertibird enemy which will be overlooking I-15 instead of constant Vertibird spawns and enemies dropping in. The enemies will
spawn in more variety and equipment along with spawning outside the battlefield, will run in instead of re-spawning on the spot. The Elite Survivalists
will now be equipped with "Exo-Suit" armor instead of just getting power armor right off the back after their Enclave Encounter.
Fort Daggerpoint: Added in new enemies, loot leveled lists and cleaned up scripts to make the battle for Fort Daggerpoint more enjoyable, such as Super
Mutant Behemoths, more equipment scattered around to help the Star Player during the battle and the final boss battle with the Father.

The Outlaw Star: Can you believe that someone can carry a 88mm cannon? I don't. I completely re-did the 88mm Tank cannon into the "Outlaw Star". Obvious
reference to anyone who watches anime or whatever, but also counts towards the whole "Star Player" thing. The weapon and a lot of the new equipment that
FNC had ported, used or has as assets have been explained and repurposed into making a lot more sense within the grand scheme.
The cannon will now require powerarmor to use without a -6 Agility Penality, along with retaining its original script of knocking the player down
with each shot. The ammunition to use this weapon have been scattered around the wasteland in more secure, harder to access locations.
The cannon, being a transported to Fort Daggerpoint, the ammunition for the weapon being accidently scattered about the valley due to shipping troubles.
Most of the ammo will be found when you reach the lower depths of Fort Daggerpoint, along with the weapon itself. It fires Uranium rounds of different
calibers and will be much more of a "boss" weapon, especially because it will almost break after every use. No matter what.


I had also changed and adjust much through what FNC does once you complete the story and move on to the Mojave.
-Companion Rebalances
-Your skills and stats and perks and level gets reset to 0 so you don't start off FNV as a overpowered character
-FNC base game weapons and equipment can now be found throughout the Mojave, scattered around the wasteland
-Ways to retain skills and perks unique to FNC

And much much much much much more added into the game. (Proper Readme that details every and all modifications FNCO makes to FNC)
Please, if there are any bugs or stuff you would like to see included don't be afraid to comment, I am really looking for more feedback.


The Fallout New California team for their mod and stuff
And um:
I guess
Fallout 4 Assets, Weapons and armors and some stuff seen in the screenshots are UNAVAILABLE within this modifcation, those pictures just show the side by side compatibilty of those mods and they are (Along with many other mods) obtainable while playing FNCO

Add-on Weapons, Armors and other doodads for the credits:


Lore and Re-Writing:
Sole Survivor - Writing/Lore Assistant
Phobos: The Frontier Lore/Adjustment

Playtesters and contributors:
Courier 69