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Rattlesnakes from New California placed in the Wastelands.

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Rattlesnakes from New California placed in the Wastelands.

READ THIS FIRST: This is only an ESP. The assets (models and textures) were made
by Mindboggles and are in the New California mod. The ESP does not depend on New
California's master ESM, but you still need the assets. However New California is over
7GB, and if you don't want that mod sitting on your harddrive you can do the following:

- Download New California.
- Make a dummy folder (like C:\dummy).
- Copy FalloutNV.exe from your New Vegas install to C:\dummy.
- Install New California to C:\dummy.
- Extract the Rattlesnake assets from "New California - Meshes.bsa" and
  "New California - Textures2.bsa" with FOMM or with BSARCH. The assets in the BSA files
  are located in "meshes\creatures\rattlesnake" and "textures\creatures\rattlesnake".
- Copy the rattlesnake meshes and textures to your meshes and texture folders of
  your New Vegas installation.
- Delete the dummy folder.

The rattlesnakemod idea is originally from hideaki411. However I made some changes:

- Three sizes of snakes:
  * Small Rattlesnake, stats based on Bark Scorpion.
  * Rattlesnake, stats based on Radscorpion.
  * Big Rattlesnake, stas based on Giant Radscorpion.

- Poison effect added, snakes are now venomous.

- Audio template with real snake sounds.

- Fixes to the loot which should not be in the inventory, but in the DeathItem.

- Removed ESP dependency on New California master file.

- Added snakes to more leveled creature lists, especially the radscorpion lists.

- Three snakes are hand placed: one past Goodsprings Gas Station, one in front
  of Jeans Sky Diving, and one in Goodsprings Cemetary. This could cause failed
  quests, because some questgivers might be killed by the snakes. To avoid this
  you should install the mod after you did the Goodsprings quests, or you can
  use the included "Weaker" patch.

- There is a main ESP and a "Weaker" ESP. The "Weaker" ESP reduces the stats of
  all snakes to about half, and it needs the main ESP to function.

Have fun!