Fallout New Vegas
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A simple replacer for the vanilla female sitting idle.

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I created this Mod for myself in the first place because i wanted to improve the vanilla Idle. As i am kinda pleased with the result i decided to share it. I did my best to avoid any gaps between legs and knee as you often find them in other mods that make characters cross their legs. Also i wanted to make sure it still looks natural and relaxed.
The Mod is based on Frapers Modern Combat Pistol Shooting which contains a sitting replacer which I used as a template to create this.
I took his animation into blender and tweaked it to my liking.
This mod is also working in FO3.


The animation seemed to be not playing on all outfits. I uploaded a new version to fix that and now it seems to be working as intended
. Feedback is much appreciated.


Simply extract the archive into your game folder or install it by using your mod manager.
Enjoy :)


Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian for letting us enjoy this great game
and all the people who created the awesome tools Blender and Nifskope
and of course Fraper for the original animation ( If you like this Mod please give him an Endorsement too)
Mods appearing in the screenshot:
YUP (it's letting you sit down on that couch)
Megaton Hairs (Suckerpunch hairstyle)
T6m Clothes
Beloved Girls Race


You are free to use this file for further tweaking or other mods. If you do just mention Fraper and me in your release.