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New Pistol Shooting Animations

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# All outfitts/armors/chars from my screenshots are private modyfications for my self not for share not for release, so do not ask for them as i wont share them ... sorry ...



As a result of personal needs and a counter to the default ugly animations Bethesda has provided i created something thats closer to the actual shoting idle/stance used in modern combat and they are as follows:

* "Modern Isosceles" - Its an agressive variation of the regular isosceles and more relaxed than the oryginal giving way beter accuracy and movement freedom. Prefered by forces using b.vests/b.armors all the time in todays combat fields (military, special forces etc). The base is to face your target fully front to take advantage of b.vests/b.armors, torso and head leaning forward, relaxed bent in knees legs with one of legs slighlty at back for stability(whitch one and if any is personal preference as this stance is not restricted by that), arms together creating triangle and gun in "midle sight" not dominant eye like in weaver, taking all recoil on both arms and torso.

* "Low-High" - Its an small deviation of modern Isoscels with small changes in arms posytioning as it all comes to keeping them at height of chest with gun pointing down in relaxed idle and bit more bent in elbows in aiming/shooting stance to shorten your arms range. Its an base stance for tight urban/appartment enviorement shooting, as it allows to stay close tight to your partner when moving in group from point to point or charging rooms, and it gives the fastest reactions and most control over your weapon switching from idle to aiming.

* "Chapman" Stance - Widely known as "modified weaver", an agresive stance mostly used by police officers due to being very intuitive, "strong" and easy to master and also due to the one who invented that stance Ray Chapman, who after WWII became an Law Enforcement Officer and as request he started to teach it to fellow officers in around 70's (in short). The base difrence are in gun posytioning at dominant eye, strong leg being moved back and facing target slightly with side of the torso not fully frontal like in Iso/Modern Iso, suppport arm being bent in elbow and all recoil transfered at your strong arm.


*Chest/Back holstering/unholstering animations - WIP

For beter and more detailde descryption of those stances use google. Also remember as many body shapes that many shooting stances, as some things work good for one while not to good for other. So it all comes to personal preferences or sytuations you happen to be, although some rules have to be obeyed in order to take the most and the best from an shooting stance so knowing them all is wise.


Requiements/Instal instrucions:

Fallout 3/NV is requierd offcorse

Drop the mesh folder from one of provided stance types into your Fallout 3(NV)/Data folder
when asked overwrite

You can mix those stance animations as long as use use connected files to them: for example if you want to use in Low-High running from M.Iso use all of the M.Isso locomotion animations. Be aware thou that some things might get funky and i do not take responsibility for that as you do that on your own ;)



v1.4 Merged all files, added crouching animations for all stances, New Maskuline Idle, added optional files expandind attack animations on all kinds of 1hp weapons. Dont forget to report bugs ;)

v1.2 Added "Chapman" Stance (althou im not fully satysfied with the results), merged all fixes into one so you wont have to download them separatly.

v1.1 Tweaked the idle stance/aiming/shooting for M.Iso, lowered the aim arms posytion so it shouldnt be to high with certain weapons anymore. Added Low-High Stance animation replacer. Will add hipshoot for Low-High later as i get some funky results atm, once i get rid of them ill update the stance, for now it uses default hipshoot from M.Iso

v1.0a Fixed walking/running animations affecting other weapons

v1.0 Initial release



I havent encountered any serious issues so far but if you notice any pls post them in the comments section. Even if i dont respond to them they are taken into consideration and investigation. Thanks

Obviously this mod is incompatybile with any other mods that replace handgun animations



Bethesda for Fallout 3/NV
joefoxx082 for hes patience and help in my learning of how to animate for FO3/NV (Thanks mate your the best)

If i forgot anyone or put incorect credits pls notice me about it so i can fix that ;)



You are not allowed to upload that file anywhere else except the place that i uploaded it.
You are free to modify, improve and include them in your modyfications, as long as you credit me for the oryginal work on those animations