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Replace the equipment you T6M Body of New Vegas

Permissions and credits
Name: T6M Equipment Replacer NV
Version: 1.0
Date: 2013/01/16
by Izumiko

------------------- [Description] -----------------------
Replace the equipment you T6M Body of New Vegas Vanilla

------------------- [Requirements] -----------------------
I need a skin texture for Type3

------- V0.6 update -------
Was to merge the other T6MReplaceMOD, MOD the following will be integrated
· T6M Combat Armor NV
· T6M Female Power Armor NV
· T6M Female Raider Armor Replace
· T6M Gambler Female Suit
· Type 6 Modification Body NV
Fixed a specified texture was wrong LeatherArmorGlobe
I have attached a transparent Texture I forget to leave your RadSuit
Pipboy on in the state of Merc Charmer Outfit, it can fix the gap in the arm
I forgot to add it to attach GlobeMesh of RadSuit
Fixed funny to specify the skin of RadSuit
(Meaning is not quite so invisible wrist portion, so I think it looks probably fix when damaged site)
Do not modify the texture of the Scarf of Leather Armor Reinforced, was replaced with new ones Mesh and Texture of Scarf.
Fixed a gap is visible on the back of the T-51b Power Armor
Has been newly Replace the Leather Armor Reinforced, to design the base of Vanilla.
Additional items
· Cass' Outfit
· Chinese Stealth Armor
· Naughty Nightwear
· Sexy Sleepwear
Add a Prostitute Outfit
Additional 3-slave clothes patterns, a total of five
Two patterns add, Jumpsuit, a total of 15 different
• In order to be able to fix the gap on the wrist with a weapon of some equipment and hand2hand, add the corresponding Mesh T6M
· Equipment was fixed arm is not visible in the first-person point of view
· Change, and an inventory of the NPC levellist in order to route the types of clothes increase
· The plug-in into the master file from v1.0. - Note - Please be introduced to remove the old file.

- Equipment list is Replace -
(In [] is the name of the Vender can be purchased)

Power Armor
· T-45d Power Armor
· Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor
· Prototype Medic Power Armor
· T-51b Power Armor
· Brotherhood T-51b Power Armor
· Remnants Power Armor
· Remnants Tesla Armor
· Gannon Family Tesla Armor
· NCR Salvaged Power Armor
· Enclave Power Armor [Cliff]
· Enclave Shocktrooper Armor [Cliff]
· Tesla Armor [Cliff]

Combat Armor
· Combat Armor [Cliff]
· Combat Armor Black [Cliff]
· Combat Armor, Reinforced [Cliff]
· Combat Armor, Reinforced Mark 2 [Cliff]

Vaultsuit [Sarah & Chet]
· Types 11 VaultJumpsuit
· Dad's Wasteland Outfit
· Vault Utility Jumpsuit 2-type
· Armored Vault Jumpsuit 2-type
· Vault 34 Security Armor

Light equipment and clothes
· Leather Armor
· Leather Armor, Reinforced
· Chinese Stealth Armor

· Raider Painspike Armor
· Raider Sadist Armor
· Raider Badlands Armor
· Raider Blastmaster Armor

· Merc Charmer Outfit
· Merc Adventurer Outfit
· Merc Grunt Outfit

· Wasteland Doctor Fatigues
· Radiation Suitt
· Advanced Radiation Suitt

· Benny's Suit
· Jailhouse Rocker [Cliff]
· Naughty Nightwear [Mick]
· Sexy Sleepwear [Mick]
· Prostitute Outfit
· Chained Prostitute Outfit
· Exposed Prostitute Outfit

Jump Suit 5-type [Miguel]

· Slave Rags1 [Miguel]
· Slave Rags2 [Miguel]

- The item to be added -

- Note -
Because changes due to the integration MODID, please buy a new one that you obtained in the following items will be lost because the old Version

Protective gear
· T6M Combat Armor L [Cliff]
· T6M Combat Armor L Bk [Cliff]
· T6M Arm Protector [Cliff]
· T6M Arm Protector 5k [Cliff]
· T6M Arm Protector Bk [Cliff]
· T6M Arm Protector 5k Bk [Cliff]

Jump Suit B type 5color [Miguel]
Jump Suit C type 5color [Miguel]

· Slave Rags3 [Miguel]
· Slave Rags4 [Miguel]
· Slave Rags5 [Miguel]

Suits for women
T6M Dapper Suit [Mick]
T6M Fancy Suit [Mick]
T6M Shabby Suit [Mick]
T6M Well-Heeled Suit [Mick]

T6M Underwear Cotton [Chet]
T6M Underwear DC [Chet]
T6M Underwear WL [Chet]
T6M Lingerie Black [Cliff]
T6M Lingerie White [Cliff]
T6M Lingerie Garter Bk [Mick]
T6M Lingerie Garter W [Mick]

---- BugFix of Vanilla ----
How many points have been corrected a bug in Vanilla
Texture may put it that fixes a number that is the mirror image of the collar of the Vault 34 and Vault 3
Fixed the texture of the plates of the right arm of the sleeve and 21 Jumpsuit Armored Vault Vault 3 Utility Jumpsuit, also becomes strange

--- Changes in the previous series ---
You have to like making it difficult to buy Where to Buy has changed the thinking about game balance, and good things do not advance the game to some extent higher or

Vender list
· Goodsprings
Chet of Goodsprings General Store
· Novac
Cliff Briscoe of Dino Bite Gift Shop
· Freeside
Mick of MickandRalphs
· Vault 21
Sarah of 21 Gift Shop Vault
· Westside
Miguel of Miguel's Pawn

------------------- [Requirements] -----------------------
Texture of skin is required for DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body
TextureMOD other skin does not matter that is compatible with Type3

------------------- [Install] -----------------------
Please copy and overwrite in the \ fallout new vegas \ Data the DATA folder in the archive
The introduction is recommended that you use a BAIN or FOMM

You may conflict with other ReplaceMOD.
This is because there is if you have to change the specification of the Alternate Texture in other ReplaceMOD
How to avoid, please let ReplaceMOD loaded under other than first
You can get around with the Graphics Kume the Bashed Patch in Wrye Flash tag further

- Note -
If you are using mixed with Type6 Body and Armor replacer, use the plug-in option.
Introduced before the Type6 Body and Armor replacer during deployment, please introduce then overwrite the T6M Equipment Replacer NV.
Type6 Body and Armor replacer by Necroscope

------------------- [Credit] ------------------------
Base Body MOD
Type 6 Modification Body NV by Izumiko

DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body by dimon99 TheRowan
Type6 Body and Armor replacer by Necroscope
R18PN 02 - Lingerie Set for HGEC by NPR

------------------- [Licensing / Legal] -------------
I'm glad to please free to modify, at the time of diversion and enjoy writing credit.
Thank you for all moder Bezesuda and made a great game
Reproduction to other uploader, etc. Please refrain from things that this MOD files

If you want to translate the plug-in into a language other than English, thank you ask them to change and publish freely.
Instead, it is fine even after the public, please tell me the address and public reporting to me.

------------------- [Change History] ------------------------
Initial release 2012/02/26 v0.5
Integration with other series T6M 2012/02/27 v0.6
2012/02/28 v0.6.1 Leather Armor Globe Fix
2012/02/28 v0.6.2 RadSuit texture Fix
2012/02/28 v0.6.3 RadSuit Charmer Outfit Fix
2012/02/29 v0.6.4 Leather Armor Reinforced and T-51b Power Armor Fix
2012/03/01 v0.7 Leather Armor Reinforced new Replace
2012/05/11 v0.8.2 additional 4types
2012/05/13 v0.9 Add a Prostitute Outfit
2013/01/16 v1.0 bug fixes.