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Demorome but slippyguy did all the actual work

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I ripped some features from Vicious Wastes and made them standalone. Yes, the author's permissions were open :)

Permissions and credits
Check out the list below for a description of the individual mods.
Consider looking at Misc. Stewie Gamesetting Tweaks for other lite gameplay modifications.

Deadly Radiation (aka Fallout 4-style radiation)

-Lowers your max health as you get more and more irradiated.
-There are two modes you can choose from: Full or Half.
-Full makes it so your max health is lowered all the way down when you get 1000 rads
-With Half, you are only brought to half health with max rads (though you still die at that point, I'm pretty sure.)
-The mod defaults to Full; you can change it to Half in the INI file in the Config folder.

Agility Determines Movement Speed

-Changes your movement speed depending on Agility
-At 5 AGL no changes will be applied, below or above that you'll experience slightly slower/faster mov. speed.
NOTE: This can already be done without an esp with lStewieAl's Tweaks, but this also changes NPC movement speed.
The setting is called "bAgilityScalesMovementSpeed".
TBH I can't figure out what number to change it to to match VW's settings.

Barter Affects Repair Costs

-Makes repair costs factor in your Barter skill (this isn't done in vanilla NV).
-Note: "Economy Overhaul" reduces the base cost of repairing, so make sure this is loaded after it so that it can modify that reduced cost

Reduce Skill Points Gained

-Reduces the base amount of skills gained per level up down to 4 (from 10)
-Intended for use with "Classic Fallout Tag Skills"
NOTE: This can already be done without an esp with lStewieAl's Tweaks.
The setting is called "iSkillPointBase", set it to 4.

Charisma Affects Party Size Limit

-Makes the amount of party members you can have tied to Charisma
-Equation: partyLimit = (Player.GetPermAV Charisma / 3)
-Not compatible with any mods that try to add to the party limit (such as CCO's Magnetic Personality perk)

Perception Affects Ranged Accuracy

-Makes Perception alter your ranged weapon accuracy by increasing/decreasing weapons spread.
-Multiple different equations for weapon types used, so I won't list them here.



-Obviously not compatible with Vicious Wastes.
-Should be compatible with almost anything else since it's all scripted, except of course mods that do similar things.
-These should all be safe to merge with other merge-able mods and with one-another.

-While porting a script like this is fairly easy, I might've overlooked something. If you experience problems, please let me know.

Future Plans:
-I'll consider porting some other features. Requests will help speed the process up (since I'm lazy).

Be sure to check out Vicious Wastes! It's a great gameplay overhaul, better than JSawyer+BLEED in some aspects IMO. Or at least, go show slippyguy some love.