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A simple, bleak yet vibrant ENB for the Mojave with ReShade and TheConfidenceMan's Custom Weathers and Lighting.

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July 5, 2022

I do not plan to update this anymore as I see no need to and don't particularly want to add anything else.
The ENB as is, at least right now, may sound egotistical, my 'magnum opus'.
There's really nothing else.
Any feedback / criticism or bug reports, I will continue to read them and reply.
Thank you.


Viva La Atmos ENB is a spiritual-successor to Atmos ENB by TheKetzku from Fallout 3. I was heavily inspired to recreate the same bleak yet vibrant feeling as if it was made for Fallout: New Vegas. Specifically meant to used with TheConfidenceMan's Custom Weathers and Lighting.


  • Latest ENB Binaries
  • ReShade
  • The game duh...
  • A mod manager of your choice (preferably MO2)
  • CM Weather Config - Available in the Files Section


Might need some tinkering or adjustments in [SKY] Settings in enbseries.ini to not look overblown.
You'll have to do it yourselves.

  • In your FalloutPrefs.ini or FalloutCustom.ini add or change these lines:




These should fix the funky transparency or see through ground issues with ENB on.


  • Download ReShade
  • Select Fallout New Vegas
  • Skip the Effect Packages selection (You'll be using effects from the ENB that are provided.)
  • Navigate to your Fallout New Vegas folder, rename d3d9.dll file to d3d9_reshade.dll or any other name you'll like.

  • Download the latest ENB Binaries
  • From the "WrapperVersion" folder, extract only the d3d9.ddl, enbhost.exe, and enblocal.ini to where you have Fallout New Vegas game folder located.
  • Download one of the presets.
  • Extract all the files to where you have New Vegas installed.
  • Overwrite if asked.

I highly suggest  0. Viva La Atmos - La Paradiso if you want an all-round easy to run and visually still pleasing look for your game. No Adaptation and all taxing effects except Bloom, are toggled off. Effects can toggled back on in the ENB settings in-game by pressing SHIFT + Enter.

  • Download 0. Viva La Atmos - La Paradiso.
  • Extract all the files to where you have New Vegas installed.
  • Overwrite if asked.

  • In the enblocal.ini and edit the following lines:

OPTIONAL: If you don't want ENB to boot with ReShade you can leave [PROXY] section blank and false. Otherwise keep following along this section.



EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks=true or false

Hit and miss setting. It may help improve your performance or sometimes it doesn't work well for others. Recommend testing it to check.


Lower for older systems, higher for newer. (128, 256, 384, 512, 640, 768, 896, 1024). The official recommendation is to start at the lowest and incrementally increase until you stop noticing stutter. From Minimal ENB's description.


Use VRamSizeDX9.exe, to get a "video memory available" number.
For Win 10 subtract 350, for Win 7 subtract 170, for Win 8 use the number it gives you. 
Also from Minimal ENB's description.


IgnoreGECK=false or true

Does what it says. Disables ENB in GECK.

Only to use with the Viva La Atmos - CM Preset, but the same steps apply for other ENB Presets from this ENB.

  • Now download one of the 2 files, 2a. CM Weather Config - ALL DLC or if no DLC 2b. CM Weather Config - No DLC. Download with your mod manager of choice and load the plugins LAST in your load order.

TTW Users:

  • Download Simple Natural Weathers from Simple Natural Weathers TTW mod page with your mod manager of choice and load the plugin LAST in your load order
  • Optionally you can pair with both CM Weather Config for New Vegas weathers and Simple Natural Weathers for Capital Wasteland and it's DLC's weathers.
  • Have CM Weather Config loaded before Simple Natural Weathers if you so please.

  • When you boot up the game.
  • Open ReShade menu.
  • Change the DefaultPreset.ini to LaAtmos.ini or any other preset that came with the presets.
  • We're done bby. Boot up your game and customize with SHIFT + Enter or HOME (if you're using with ReShade) toggle settings if some settings are too much ;)


47 Weather Redux by Hitman47101 - 47 Preset
Simple Natural Weathers TTW
Desert Natural Weathers

If you encounter issues or have suggestions please comment, bug report such and such. I will try to help to the best of my abilities I'm not the one to be asked with weird problems. Thank you for reading if you made it this far.