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About this mod

Adds a bullet time mechanic intended to be a more engaging option to VATS. Includes support for most VATS related perks.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a new game mechanic, Bullet Time. At the cost of your AP, time is slowed down giving you plenty time to aim your shots. It's intended to be an alternative to VATS, giving you a more engaging way to use that sweet resource that is your AP.

The AP consumption is based of the current weapon. However, if the weapon is holstered, the AP cost is reduced and ignores the weapon equipped. Mind you that you will only be able to maneuver around this way.

During bullet time you get a few extra effects besides the global slowdown:
  • Increased Critical Hit Chance: +5% Just like VATS.
  • Increased Damage Resistance: +25% Analogous to VATS.
  • Increased Throwing Range: The projectile speed of thrown weapons is doubled like it's in VATS.
  • VATS disabled for the duration: Prevents some serious exploits.
  • AP Regeneration is stunted.

Melee and Unarmed:
I revamped melee combat during bullet time because it was honestly jarring with the old paradigm of just double damage for melee and unarmed. Instead, the following bonuses apply during bullet time for melee and unarmed weapons only:
  • Doubled Attack Speed for Non-Automatic: Instead of double damage like in VATS, double attack speed because it really makes things less awkward and much less frustrating when the enemy decides to block. At default Time Multiplier value, it still means that you will be attacking slower than during turbo.
  • Double Damage for Automatic Weapons: This is to compensate for the fact that automatic weapons do not benefit from ANY attack speed increase due to some engine limitations.
  • Increased Move Speed: While the world is slowed down to 35% of it's speed, the player movement is slowed to only 50%. If you change the Time Multiplier the proportion still stands.
  • Unarmed Damage is doubled against knocked down enemies: This emulates the situation of using Stomp attack during VATS. Also adds a bit more strategy to when to use bullet time when using unarmed.

So far most Vanilla perks are supported. All supported perks and their effects are listed below:
  • Action Boy/Girl: Unchanged.
  • Center Of Mass: 15% damage to the torso during bullet time.
  • Commando: 25% increase in accuracy during bullet time with rifle grip weapons.
  • Concentrated Fire: Each subsequent attack during bullet time deals an additional 5% damage, stacks multiple times. This bonus ends if you switch target.
  • Grim Reaper's Sprint: You are rewarded with 20 action points for each kill you get during bullet time, after it ends.
  • Gunslinger: 25% increase in accuracy during bullet time with one handed weapons.
  • Math Wrath: Unchanged.
  • Nerves Of Steel: Unchanged.
  • Paralysing Palm: Unarmed attacks have a 30% chance to knockdown enemies during bullet time.
  • Plasma Spazz: Unchanged.
  • Sniper:  25% increase in accuracy during bullet time when aiming down sights or a scope.

DLC Perks:
  • Camarader-E: On rank 5, it increases the accuracy during bullet time by 5% if ED-E is in your party.
  • Hobbler: 25% Limb damage to the enemies legs during bullet time.
  • Lonesome Road: 10% extra accuracy during bullet time.
  • Sneering Imperialist: The damage bonus of the perk is doubled during bullet time, for a net 30%.

Tales of Two Wastelands:
  • Wired Reflex: +10% accuracy during bullet time.

Unsupported Perks:
  • Mysterious Stranger/Miss Fortune: These are hard coded into the game so I can't find a way to make them work without making an imitation script from scratch. That would take a lot of fine tuning, especially for me as I don't know the kinks of the mechanics behind these perks because I have never used them.

This mod should be compatible with mostly everything. The changes it makes to perks are only on their description. If you are using a mod that changes these perks in any way, just load it after this mod and it should work fine.

Know Issues:
Turbo and Killcams can VERY rarely cause the game to either slowdown or speedup. If this happens to you, enter and exit bullet time and it should fix it.

This mod requires New Vegas Script Extender and JIP LN NVSE Plugin

Installing the mod:
Unzip the file and copy it into the Data folder in your New Vegas directory. Enable it before launch and done!

Mod Menu:
This mod works with the The Mod Configuration Menu. All settings of the mod can be changed using it.

Playing the mod:
The default key is Q. If VATS is bound to the same key that bullet time is bound to, VATS will be automatically disabled. To enable it again, bind VATS or bullet time to a different key, save and reload. If you have other action bound to Q I suggest you change it to a different key, otherwise both things will be done at the same time. However, this also means that you can have something like aim/block and bullet time on the same key if that's your jam.
Either way you can also change the key in the option menu or by using the following command:
  • Set UBTKeyBind to NUMBER
Where NUMBER should be a decimal number matching the key you want. Use the following reference:

Alternative control scheme: Patient mode
When Patient Mode is enabled several things change in the way bullet time behaves. For starter, Action Points will be consume on each individual shot/attack instead of over time. However, you will only be able to enter bullet time while aiming down sights in combat. This will happen automatically and no need to configure a key to it. To enable this control scheme just tick the option on the MCM page for the mod, otherwise just use the following console command:
  • Set UBTPatient to 1/0 : Enables/disables the Patient Mode.

Further Options:
Other settings of the mod are listed here and how to change it if you don't have MCM installed by using the following commands:
  • Set UBTToggle to 0 : Use it to set the mod to an on hold key mode.
  • Set UBTToggle to 1 : Use it to set the mod back to it's toggle key mode.
  • Set UBTMult to MULT : You can change it to a number between 1 and 0 to modify the slowdown, default is 0.35.
  • Set UBTBlur to 0 : Use it to disable the blur effect during bullet time.
  • Set UBTAutoEnd to 1/0 : Enable/disable bullet time ending automatically when you end combat.
  • Set UBTAudioCue to 0 : Disable the audio cue when entering bullet time.

Controller support:
This mod supports the use with XBOX controller. The default key is RB. Can be changed through the menu. Be warned, VATS will be disabled if you plug in a controller and you keep the default key for bullet time. This is because RB is also the default key for VATS in XBOX controllers.
If you don't like it you can try Patient mode in combination with controller emulation, which I highly recommend for controller users. To do this, enable patient mode, open the Wait Menu through your controller and press Y.

Uninstalling the mod:
Just disable the ESP file and then delete it if you want.