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Minuscule mods that don't need their own page.

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Clean Character Creation

SPECIAL allocation is now on a single screen, Hardcore mode is turned ON automatically and the Revise Character bit is disabled.

ED-E Normal Spawn Height

ED-E now spawns on his home marker instead of the table after you repair him.

Minimal Crosshair

Turns the regular crosshair in to a dot, and removes the brackets from the highlight one.

Mother Lupa

Changes the size and stats of Lupa, the mother of the Legion Mongrels. In vanilla Fallout New Vegas, Lupa looks and shares the same stats as all other Legion mongrels. However, when fighting her in the arena she has four times more health. This mod changes that, both versions of Lupa are now slightly larger and she's just as strong outside as inside the arena.

Neutral Joshua Graham's Armor

Removes the SLCPD / SWAT markings from Joshua Graham's Armor, also modifies the Intro / Ending slideshows to reflect this change.

Radiation Suit Balance

Gives the Radiation suits slightly better rad protection (40 and 50) and splits the Space suit's between the actual suit (30) and helmet (10).

Random 188 Characters

Randomizes the uncut NPCs around the 188 with NPCs found in the game files, there are eight in total. The ITMs are intentional, load after Uncut Wasteland.

Vicious Violetta

Changes the size of Violetta and other Fiend dogs, to make Violetta stand out more.

Westside Street Light Restoration

Adds missing light beams to four active street lights in Westside.


HUD Preset

Preset for The HUD Editor and Just Assorted Mods (JDC, JLM). I configured it in 2560x1440, not sure if this matters. It's intended to be used with Two-Way Compass Fade.

Vanilla UI Plus Keybinds

VUI+ keybinds based on WASD configuration, Q and E left for tab navigation, F to confirm and X to exit in all menus. VATS is hardcoded unfortunately.

Mastahbossu @ www.nexusmods.com