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Take junk you find out in the wasteland and use it for weapon and armor repair after putting in a little bit of work.

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Alternative Repairing adds repair parts for you to craft and buy, but crafting will likely be your main method of acquiring them. The crafting recipes aren't complex, but you won't be swimming in parts. The goal is not to completely revamp item repair, but instead to give you more options and add a bit of satisfaction to scavenging junk

Simply acquire some parts either through crafting or vendors, and repair your equipment as you normally would through the Pip-Boy interface.

You can view all of the recipes added by Alternative Repairing by navigating to the "Parts" category at your local crafting stations or clicking the following links:
Crafting Recipes
Breakdown Recipes

Here are some general rules for repairing with parts:
  • Weapons and armor are repaired with parts that are appropriately named. (Pistols are repaired with Pistol Parts, for example)
  • Armor is repaired using its appropriately named item (Medium armors are repaired with Medium Armor Parts, for example)
  • Clothing can be repaired with Cloth or Boxes of Detergent
  • Bladed weapons can be repaired with Sharpening Kits
  • Gauntlet-type weapons can be repaired with medical braces and leather belts.
  • Wooden weapons (baseball bats, nail boards, etc) can be repaired with wonderglue.

Alternative Repairing also features weapon and armor dismantling. You can perform this by crafting Dismantle Kits at workbenches (usable up to 3 times), which will allow you to destroy your current weapon or armor for repair parts or components, depending on the condition of the item.


Items are dynamically detected, categorized, and handled. You won't need patches for your hundreds of other mods.

Detection cannot be automated in some cases, but you can add support for those items using the config files found under '/data/Alternative Repairing/'in your install directory. See this page for information on how to format these files.

Incompatible mods:
  • Project Nevada (with Alternative Repair System enabled, compatible otherwise)

Install the FOMOD using Mod Organizer 2, Nexus Mod Manager, Fallout Mod Manager (, or Vortex.

  • Remove Alternative Repairing.esp and related ESPs.
  • Remove Alternative Repairing.ini from data/Config/
  • Remove Alternative Repairing folder in data/Meshes/
  • Remove Alternative Repairing folder in data/Textures/
  • Remove Alternative Repairing folder in data/

  • Q: Can you make parts repair more/less?
  • A: Engine limitations prevent this from being possible. The repair healing formula can be adjusted slightly, but that affects any and all repairs and causes more issues than it solves.

  • Q: I can't repair items with parts
  • A: This mod will conflict with Project Nevada's Alternative Repair System. Simply disable that option and restart your game to resolve the issue. If Project Nevada is not the cause, make sure you meet Alternative Repairing's requirements.

  • Q: Some recipes, specifically breakdown, are showing the incorrect ingredients
  • A: This is unfortunately an engine-level issue. The game assumes that because there's less than three items being output, that it's not a breakdown recipe and the menu information changes accordingly. All item breakdowns would need to have at least three different item outputs for it to display correctly.

  • Q: Certain recipes aren't detecting items correctly
  • A: The game does not support 'OR' item ingredients, it's all or nothing. 'Dummy' recipes are shown instead to bypass this game limitation and show you all the relevant information without cluttering your crafting interface. Once you have all the required material, the real recipe will appear and be functional.

  • Q: Can you make it so I can only repair items using parts?
  • A: I would love to add this option, but unfortunately the game seems to forcefully ensure that items are always repairable with themselves.