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Customizable radio station with all songs from the game included. Select your own personal playlist in MCM with as many or as few songs as you want and enjoy listening to the music.

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Ever wanted to have a radio station that only played Johnny Guitar 24/7? Or one that played only the classical music tracks from the game? Or maybe only a custom playlist with your favorite tracks from the game? Well, now you can do just that with Lone Wolf Radio. Start your game, head on over to Lone Wolf Radio to fix up the radio station, and once it's fixed, select your custom playlist from the MCM menu and enjoy.

  • A short and simple quest to activate the radio station in Lone Wolf Radio, to make it immersion friendly (optional file added where no quest is required).
  • 51 songs from the game and DLCs all added to the radio station so you can make your own custom playlist.
  • List of songs in alphabetical order and split into 5 main categories to make searching for specific songs easier:
    • Pop, Rock, Jazz with Vocals - Pretty much every non-Country song that has vocals.
    • Jazz Instrumental - All jazz music with no vocals.
    • Country Music - All the Western tracks in one place.
    • Classical - All classical music tracks.
    • Original - All tracks created for the game (includes songs from in-game characters like Vera Keys, Bruce Isaac, and The Lonesome Drifter)

  • Hover over a song name to get information on the artists and composers.
  • An option to save your custom playlist to an INI file for easy retrieval across different saves or characters.
  • Ability to turn all songs on/off with the Default button on the bottom right corner. And pressing it while inside a particular category will turn only the songs in that category on/off.
  • Slight increase in volume for a few songs that I thought were too low compared to other songs in the game (these songs were copied over as new songs so as to not mess with the original files; also so no other mod can be affected by this change).
  • 3 song buffer added so that there's no chance of a song repeating right after it just played. And in the case where you might have less than 3 songs selected to play, the buffer is reduced to 2, 1, or zero accordingly, so as to prevent the radio station from locking up (Note: The buffer is flushed once every time you make a change to the list and you leave 3 or fewer songs selected total, this is also to prevent the station from locking up). If all songs are deselected, the radio station will play static.
  • Ambient music is not included because the mod is huge already. Sorry.
  • Optional file added where the small quest is no longer required to get the radio station started. And the station is renamed to "Pip-Boy Radio" to avoid conflicts with other mods.

Installation, Load Order, and Compatibility
  • Nothing special, can be placed pretty much anywhere after MCM. As for compatibility, any mod that makes significant changes to the Lone Wolf Radio location will be a problem, you can use the optional "Pip-Boy Radio" file instead if that's the case.