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A series of mods and settings that allow Fallout New Vegas to use up to 4 times the size of the original textures.

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What does this mod do?

I have been working on a high definition texture pack with four times the size of the original Fallout New Vegas (FNV) textures. This "4X" means that most of the larger images are now 4096x4096 [4K] in size. The preliminary version of the whole HD image pack is running close to 15,000 images. However I found the base game crashes very quickly with out of memory errors when trying this many 4X textures. There's not much point in an HD image pack if nobody can use them! :) Hence the purpose of this mod.

This mod details the mods and settings you will need to enable large texture support in Fallout New Vegas.

If you've been modding FNV for awhile then you probably have most if not all of these mods already. You should still check the settings I use and apply them to your setup if necessary.

Looking for 2X/4X texture comparisons? Head over to my "Charge's Fallout New Vegas High Definition Texture Packs" mod page.

Update - May 9, 2019

I've done a quick re-test of NVTF with version 1.3. It appears that NVTF version 1.3 has resolved most of the large FPS drops that version 1.2 had. It looks like NVTF is now useable for large textures. I still experienced more stuttering than with NVSR but it's playable now.

I'll be updating this page next week (May 16th, 2019) with updated settings for NVTF.


I have tested this setup. It is possible to get a very stable and highly performant version of Fallout New Vegas running with large texture pack(s). You will of course require a fairly modern gaming machine with lots of Video RAM (VRAM).

Remember that FNV is still a bit buggy even with this setup. Do expect the occasional crash! CASM is highly recommended!


I'm not going to go over every mod and tool that you should be using for Fallout New Vegas. If you are new to modding FNV then you should be aware that there are other tools you should be using. Tools like a mod manager, LOOT, FNVEdit and Wrye Flash to name a few. Find a good modding guide to follow first time around. A nice guide that I refer to on occasion is this one:

Fear & Loathing in New Vegas (Fallout NV)

It's an older guide but well worth a look at.

Step 1 - Install the following prerequisites.

Be sure to check the installation instructions on each of these mods pages. I use Mod Organizer 2 (MO2) as a mod manager. I've put notes on each mod detailing whether a mod can be installed using MO2 or needs to be installed manually.

  1. FNV 4GB Patcher - This allows FNV to use up to 4Gb of memory. This mod doesn't really do anything by itself. You'll need the other required mods for FNV to actually use 4Gb. *
  2. New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) - This expands the scripting capabilities of Fallout: NV. Many mods would not be possible without this. There are installation notes part way down the page. Search for Installation. *
  3. JIP LN NVSE Plugin - This is an extension to NVSE. It fixes/tweaks some engine features/bugs. It also allows the use of falloutcustom.ini which I use in this mod. **
  4. New Vegas Anti Crash (NVAC). This helps quite a bit with game stability. **
  5. OneTweak for FNV. This makes it possible to run FNV in a borderless fullscreen window. FNV is still a bit buggy even after all the work of countless modders. Eventually your game will crash or lock up. Now you'll be able to Alt-Tab out! There are other ways of achieving this but I like this mod best. **
  6. New Vegas Stutter Remover (NVSR). Improves game stability and can help a lot with game stuttering. **
    Unfortunately there is a problem with NVSR. The settings that work on one system may not work on another. It seems that the operating system, hardware and even mod loads can affect what settings you will need. If my settings do not work then there are some alternative settings on Nexus. If these do not work then you'll have edit the NVSR settings yourself to find what works for your setup.

    What about alternatives to NVSR? I have tried some alternates. The only alternative I've found worth looking at is NVTF. I'll be updating this page next week with NVTF after I've done more testing.

   * Needs to be installed manually into the game folder.
 ** This can be installed using "Mod Organizer 2" instead of installing manually.

Step 2 - Make a choice.

There are two ways to get FNV to use more RAM for textures. The first is by using ENB. The second way is using New Vegas Reloaded (NVR).

Click the spoiler "Show" tag to see all the gory details of the pros/cons of each :


I am providing an "ENB Boost" only (no graphic changes) setup for those that do not want a full ENB preset.
Choose one of the following:

  • Install an ENB preset from another mod:

  • or Install my "ENB Boost":

  • or Install "New Vegas Reloaded":

You should be good to play now. Need some hi-res textures then? Head on over to my "Charge's Fallout New Vegas High Definition Image Packs" page.

Test Rig

The PC I tested this mod with has the following specifications:

CPU           : AMD FX-8370 Eight Core Processor CPU at 4.30 GHz
Display      : Toshiba 43L310U 43" widescreen TV (1080P).
GPU           : AMD Radeon RX 480 GPU with 8 GB video ram
Harddrives: 250 GB SSD, 2.72 TB Hard drive, 900 GB hard drive.
OS              : Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
RAM           : 16 GB ram


Bethesda & Obsidian Entertainment - Thanks for allowing us to mod this game!