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Edits some vanilla traits and adds two new ones.

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Once upon a time, back in the days of yore, when I used to play New Vegas on the 360, I used traits, both vanilla and OWB ones, however I eventually took a step back and realized how ridiculous the OWB ones are. So, I decided to tweak some of the vanilla traits and redid the OWB ones.

What it Does:
This mod as of 3.0.0 completely overhauls the vanilla traits to effectively remove all SPECIAL buffs and debuffs, replacing them with effects that simulate what was replaced, as well as adds 2 new traits.
Main Version:
• Increases trait count to 3.
• Built to Destroy - Vanilla effects.
• Fast Shot - Vanilla effects, fixed.
• Four Eyes - Increases/decreases weapon accuracy by 15%.
• Good Natured - Vanilla effects.
• Heavy Handed - Vanilla effects.
• Kamikaze - Increases AP by 20, increases change to get critically hit by 50%.
• Loose Cannon - Vanilla effect, now effects all thrown weapons.
• Small Frame - Decreases chance to get critically hit by 25%, increases limb damage taken by 25%.
• Trigger Discipline - Vanilla effects, fixed.
• Wild Wasteland - Vanilla effects.
• Claustrophobia - Increases/decreases move speed by 20%.
• Early Bird - Increases/decreases VATS cost by 30/15%.
• Hoarder - Increases Carry Weight by 25, decreases AP regeneration by 25% when below 150 lbs.
• Hot Blooded - Increases damage by 15%, decreases reload speed/swing speed by 15%.
• Logan's Loophole - Vanilla effects.
• Skilled - Vanilla effects, fixed.
• Gifted - Increases all SPECIALs by 1, decreases all Skills by 5 and Skill Rate by 2.
• One In A Million - Increases critical hit damage by 100%, decreases critical hit chance by 50%.

Classic Version:
• Base version included (except increased trait count).
• Small Frame - Decreases chance to get critically hit by 25%, decreases Carry Weight by 50.
• Bloody Mess - Enemies turn into bloody paste when killed.
• Chem Resistant - Decreases addiction chance by 50%, decreases chem duration by 50%.
• Finesse - Increases critical hit chance by 10, decreases damage by 25%.
• Logan's Loophole - Disabled

(If you want ones of the new traits but don't want to start a new game, open console using ~ and type showtraitmenu)

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