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A mysterious message has been broadcast across the Mojave seeking help against an unknown foe, but, when you come to realise that all is not black and white, you face a choice, a choice that could determine the future of humanity itself.

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A Difference of Opinion


A message is being sent across the Mojave, a desperate plea for assistance. Go on a quest to undercover the secrets of a facility which has been viciously attacked by an unknown force. Who or what is this force? Who are the victims? When you learn the truth, what will you do? Regardless of all this, the end result will result in an impact on the Mojave, and potentially, humanity as a whole.

What does this mod contain?

This is a quest mod that comes packed with an interesting and alluring backstory, a wide variation in enemies, unique NPC's, and detailed, well constructed environments. All for your modding pleasure and enjoyment.

How do I begin the quest?

This quest is automatically started after you hit level 6, you will receive a message and quest marker that guides you, but just because it starts at level 6, it doesn't mean you're ready for it.


To install this mod, you can either install it using a mod manager of your choice, or you can manually install it yourself by placing the ESM in your New Vegas directory. If uninstalling, all you need to do is remove the ESM from your load order and ensure you are not in any cells that are part of the mod.

That's it really, if you have enjoyed the mod make sure you endorse it and share it with others to help it grow.     
Thanks- Kazopert~

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