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Added: 18/02/2011 - 01:44AM
Updated: 14/04/2014 - 10:39AM

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Last updated at 10:39, 14 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 1:44, 18 Feb 2011

This mod adds bullpup weapons to New Vegas. The weapons use bullpup animations, thanks to joefoxx82. Make sure you give him a big thanks as well for his awesome animations skills ;)

Current Weapon List:
Aug A3
WA 2000

You can buy all weapons at the Gun Runners HQ.
However, if you feel like searching/scavenging for your weapons, the following weapons can be found within the following areas:

BRII - Goodsprings, around the Saloon
FAMAS- Primm, outside area surrounding Steve Bison
WA2000- NCR Correctional Facilty, in a spot most suited for it's use.

I also packaged the animations with the mod(as joefoxx allows redistribution of his animations), as the original source for the animations is from Weapon Animation Replacers by joefoxx, but packaging the needed animations here remove the need to require WAR to use this mod.

Concerning the Aug A3:
I tried to fix the issue with the Aug in 1st Person, but couldn't seem to resolve it. It looks fine in 3rd Person, but in 1st, it still looks as if your gripping toward the very front.
I gave the FAMAS and BRII vertical grips, as the animations best suited the weapons having those grips. If it's liked enough, I might go back and redo the Augs to have those same vertical grips.



-philibuster: Aug Model
-likon: EoTECH Model
-Stoke: Silencer Model
-Twinkie Masta - WA 2000 Model
-Schmung: BRII Model
-SnipaMasta: FAMAS Model

-WangChung: Aug Textures
-likon: EoTECH Textures
-Stoke: Silencer Textures
-Thanez - WA 2000 Texures
-BRII Textures; Primary Weapon: !NC!Furious Flip Sights: The_Tub
-SnipaMasta: FAMAS Texture


Nifscoping and Gecking:

Version 1.00 Uploaded

***Version 1.1***

-Various Bug Fixes
-Projectile Node on WA2000
-Ironsight Alignment on EoTech Versions of Aug A3
-Corrected Texture Paths

-Complete Scope Model added for WA2000

-EoTech Sights added for BRII

***1.1 Fixes Uploaded***
-Thanks to Mimada for the fixes.