Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

An update to all the vanilla and DLC various tripwire and trap scripts, so that they correctly account for Light Step and ALL flying creatures. Your flying eyebot and Gutsy companions will not trigger traps, nor will any of your companions if you have the Light Step or In My Footsteps perks. Plus, placeable bear traps!

Permissions and credits
No More Trippin' & Bear Traps!

ALL (major) DLC

No more Trippin'
Upgraded all of the scripts used by the various tripwires, bear traps, pressure plates... anything that referenced the Light Step perk. These traps work with trigger boxes which unfortunately can be perfectly triggered by any creature no matter if it has the 'flying' flag set. They also are limited in that only the player can hold the Light Step perk in normal circumstances, so his companions are boned in that regard.

Trap scripts will not trigger for ANY creature that has the flying flag set, so ED-E and Sergeant RL-3 will be able to hover over them safely. NPCs will not trigger traps either if they have ownership of it through their id or factions, nor will companions trigger traps of which you're the owner.
With the Light Step perk, or In My Footsteps perk from God in Dead Money, you and your companions will also be safeĀ from triggering any of the scripted traps, so that you can merrily romp into every mousetrap.

Scripts were altered taking YUP as the base, greatly simplifying them as there's no more need for endless checks of factions and dummy weapons. The scripts themselves are still somewhat of a format mess, but hey, if it works, don't touch it. It should be easy to patch the function they now call when triggered by an actor to give additional features/requisites if necessary.

Two new global values affect how traps are triggered:
  • TripTrapNoUnlivingTrigger controls whether traps can be triggered by anything that's not a living, moving actor. So as to avoid what I view as an exploit by moving an object or corpse over the trap to trigger. It is enabled by default, to use vanilla behavior, type 'set TripTrapNoUnlivingTrigger to 0' in the console.
  • TripTrapNoHitTrigger controls whether traps can be triggered by shooting at them or by nearby explosions. Again, to avoid what I view as exploits so that disabling a trap relies a bit more on your actual skills. To use vanilla behavior, type 'set TripTrapNoHitTrigger to 0' in the console.

Plus, experience from disarming traps has been somewhat corrected to use a custom function and all the globals for it, you're guaranteed to receive at least 2 XP no matter how easy the trap is to disarm.

Bear Traps!
Because I had to patch all traps' scripts, which included bear traps ones, I figured I ought to provide for mods which make placeable bear traps possible, well, namely for the Bear Traps mod by Suuk.
Bear traps' workings have been upgraded all across the line, so they now work like actual weapons. Well, more or less. You can now choose to pick up any non-persistent, sprung bear traps, which will add them to your inventory as a mine-type weapon. Bear traps are considered a Melee Weapon, with a skill requirement of 55 and a STR requirement of 6 by default. Do note that you need a Repair skill of at least 23 to disarm an armed bear trap, and you need to meet those requirements in order to rearm it.

Bear traps don't actually have a proper projectile, since the bear trap itself lacks collision (NOTE: if someone can provide a proper collidable bear trap model, I'm all ears, especially if it comes with some 'gyro' system to make it always fall pointing upwards). When firing a bear trap weapon, a new bear trap will be placed directly under your feet. If you don't meet its requirements, it will spawn sprung and you won't be able to arm it. And remember you also need a Repair skill of 23 to disarm them, even if you placed them yourself!

Your armed bear traps follow the same trap rules as other traps described above, and are owned by you, so they won't be a hazard for you or your companions (in most circumstances). A triggered bear trap causes a base 50 melee damage which ignores DT & DR, has a whooping x10 limb damage multiplier almost guaranteeing a crippled leg or two, and causes massive bleeding on non-robotic targets over 20 seconds. The bleeding can be removed easily with the application of any kind of Stimpak, but if you lack those, be prepared to lose upwards of 200 HP AND fatigue, which may even end up with you knocked out cold while bleeding to death if you trigger several traps successively.

The Hunter perk, which I otherwise viewed as kinda weaksauce, has been upgraded to also affect bear traps you place. With this perk, chances are high that whoever steps on your bear traps will also be knocked down.

Bear traps have limited durability and are damaged every time they are triggered, or otherwise receive damage of any kind. While you can't see their condition changing in your inventory (due to being mines), the mod tracks the condition of your placed and picked up traps. Broken bear traps are visually distinguishable, and can be scraped for some random scrap metal. Bear traps can also be made and scrapped at the workbench with a Repair skill of 23 and scrap metal. And finally, they do have a very weak point. I'll let you figure it out 4 you power gamers.

Drop 'TripTrap.esp' in your Data folder to install, trash it to uninstall. Nothing to do about bear traps you decided to remove from the world, sorry!