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Allow you to pick up, keep in your inventory and put down/rearm Bear Traps.

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BearTrap v2.0.2



-Added the pipboy image for the trap in the archive... forgot it


-Just changed the skill to disarm traps from Repair to Survival, Oops, sorry i didn't pay attention to that.

-Bear Traps now stack like grenades. Sorry I did not think of that in the first place.

-Bear Traps now have a specific icon in inventory!

-Bear Trap rearm sequence has changed. Now, you need 6 STENGTH to rearm them. Plus, there is a random check against you SURVIVAL Skill. If you fail, your arm get caught. if you succeed, bravo.
The Random used against your survival is between 1 and 50. So if you have 50 Survival or more, you won't fail anymore. If you have 25 Survival, you'll fail 50%.

-You can now craft Bear traps*.

*WARNING: There is a bug between the new Fallout New Vegas crafted object and execution of scripts on them.
So if you want your crafted bear traps to work YOU HAVE to throw them out (right clic) and pick them up again! If not, menu will not pop when the trap is equipped.
This bug is only for CRAFTED traps. Once you use them once, they will work for ever. All the already present traps in the game will work as they did.


This is a port from my mod on Fallout 3, but with new stuff included as the people asked.

This mod allow you to pick up, keep in your inventory and of course put down and rearm Bear Traps. That's right.
Now, each bear trap has a price, a weight and is delt as a Weapon, and not an Aid anymore.

Weight : 5,00Kg
Price : 30 Caps

How to Use:

Whenever you find a bear trap lying in the Wasteland, there is a new option for you after you succesfully disarmed it.
Now you can pick it up. The Bear trap will show in the Weapon Tab of your PipBoy.

With a Left click on the trap in the PipBoy, you can put it down on the ground. It will show DISARMED then, and you have to arm it.
With a Right Click on the trap in the PipBoy, you just throw it away on the ground. You can't set it up that way and you'll need to pick it up again.
I'm sorry if this doesn't suit you but i did it this way and I find it quite simple. Right click is not really useful...

Skill Requirements :

Disarm the Bear Trap : Survival 23
Rearm the Bear Trap : Strength 6. And a possibly high Survival skill. 25 is quite good, 50 and you rearm them without failure.


A bear Trap can be crafted at a Workbench OR at a campfire. You need 2 Scap Metal to craft 1 trap. Once crafted, just throw it(them) out of your inventory, and pick them up again. If you don't do this, it won't work.

Known issues:

I need to correct the bug between crafted traps and script execution. But this bug is true for any crafted item and I think it's due to the engine... I've (and other scripter friends) tested many different things to solve that.. but I think it can't be.


Just place the esp and the textures folder in your Data Folder and check the esp in the Data Files.


Thanks to Rivs who reminded me how Geck scripting worked... That's months since I was modding on FO3.

Enjoy and comment/endorse please!