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Expands the legion's map beyond the fort and legate's camp

Permissions and credits
(UPDATE):  Final Alpha released! From now on you will have to track project progress from then on through our discord and wait until full release.

Important assets not included, they will be in full release.

 Early viewing copy uploaded, this will not have the complete assets for protection of the project. It still allows you to explore the new areas however. Re-uploads of this project will be reported.

This is my own project I have started up to expand the legion map beyond the fort and legate's camp as originally intended. There will be new locations/interiors to see , citizens of the legion to meet and greet, showing an aspect of the legion we never got to see, it's civilizations back east!

Project Discord: https://discord.gg/SHjKJRn

Installation Instructions:

Extract and put contents in 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data

Keep note of loose files so you know what to delete in future as eventually files from C16's malpais camp will be integrated into our LegionArizonaProject folder structure and then eventually into a BSA when project is at completion stages. 

Required mods in requirements, follow Xlodgen first time instructions on xlodgen page. Use to generate terrain and object lod. 


Ulysses companion mod - already a feature

Other mods that are editing land around our region.

Patches will be made for the majority of mods needed.

Team Members:

TheGreatBhan - Lead Developer - Map Design/Level creation, NPC creation, AI Packages/NPC Data/Functions

Mastar891 - Mesh Design/Quests/Dialogue

NeoExperiences - Navmesh

Jacksonelhage - Level/World Design

Frahnk - Project Coordinator

SunnyDelight -3D Design

Kate - Location Scout http://couriersix.com/

Arkveal (Writer) - President John Kreger#3056

DanteFettman#8072 - (Dialogue/Quest/Voice direction)

This mod will also add a new way of accessing the legate's camp, through the unused side gate in Veni, Vidi, Vici. And will also expand/make use of the full road between the dam and legate's camp, rather than less than half of it as most mods have done.

Locations that i'm looking to have in the mod:

Hidebarks former camp ( legate lanius' former tribal camp ) (Done)

Bloomfield space centre with the rusty hooks raiders

Dolan Springs, a real life town not far from hoover dam in arizona  ( Smaller/reduced much like goodsprings/boulder city/vegas for engine limitations ) (WIP)

Requirements: xlodgen for terrain and object generation only. https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13451-xlodgen-terrain-lod-beta-for-fnv-fo3-fo4-fo4vr-tes5-sse-tes5vr/ Please follow the tutorial in our discord. 

Idea on the possible size this project will be in it's final stages: 

Estimated final alpha release date - Winter 2018

Recommended mods:

Legion AI - Combat Bark fix

Fix for the Caesars Legion armors

Female mesh for legate / armor of 87th tribe ( for female couriers, only had male mesh previously)

Legion Quests Expanded

PMs HD Legion Overhaul

Resources Used: Western Sandcrete Bungalow by johnacoda1


Special thanks to YanL for helping with setting up meshes for some of the unique weapons you'll encounter in the project.

Special thanks to sandbox6 for help with legate road integration and cut hoover dam scenery.

Special Thanks to johnacoda1 for his Sandcrete Resource.

Special thanks to Cirosan for Ulysses companion which we fixed up and improved

Special thanks to kazopert for Functional Post Game Ending mod and permission to make a patch

Special thanks to uhmattbravo for his Input/support and script  for our Animated raft sequence ( raft sequence shelved for timebeing ) 

Special thanks to kicho666 for some assistance with raft collision

Special thanks to Jamilla (Mindboggles) for providing suitable raft mesh/skeleton set up for creature entity + animations

Special thanks to AnaCostia Crossing#7259 for assistance with the pickaxe mining animation by putting the pickaxe mesh in the animation. 

Arizona Project Discord https://discord.gg/nfqX8Ne

"This mod is supported by Creator's Network, a community that supports creative productions. If you are a mod author in need of personnel or someone looking to help out on a mod being developed, join them at https://discord.gg/udRTGB3".