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Expands the legion's map beyond the fort and legate's camp

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2021 Alpha released! Track project progress from then on through our discord and wait until full release.



Extract and put contents in 
Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data

Requires new save


Create a folder called Settings in Data/Meshes/Landscape/Lod and Data/Textures/Landscape/Lod in your games directory and in both lod folders create a settings folder.

Download XLodgen  https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13451-xlodgen-terrain-lod-beta-69-for-fnv-fo3-fo4-fo4vr-tes5-sse-tes5vr-enderal/ 

You'll only need to generate for WastelandNV/WastelandNVMini/Boulder city world really, make sure protect borders is ticked , keep settings exactly like this , either generate lod to your main directory, to fnvlodgen directory to transfer into main directory or generate with M02 to M02's overwrite folder (does that automatically if you add process to MO2) 


Create process in MO2

Press Ok! 


Ulysses companion mod - already a feature

Other mods that are editing land around our region.

Patches will be made for the majority of mods needed.

Legion Quests Expanded will no longer be supported as it is outdated and breaks with many mods.


TheGreatBhan - Lead Developer - Level Design/Level creation, NPC creation, AI Packages/NPC Data/Functions

Mastar891 - Mesh Design/Quests/Dialogue

Kate - Location Scout http://couriersix.com/

Arkveal (Writer) - President John Kreger#3056

Askaroth ( Mesh/3d design/texturing ) Stylo - Jambon#5473

Prodlimen - Outfits





Special thanks to YanL for helping with setting up meshes for some of the unique weapons you'll encounter in the project.

Special thanks to sandbox6 for help with legate road integration and cut hoover dam scenery.

Special Thanks to johnacoda1 for his Sandcrete Resource.

Special thanks to Cirosan for Ulysses companion which we fixed up and improved

Special thanks to kazopert for Functional Post Game Ending mod and permission to make a patch

Special thanks to uhmattbravo for his Input/support and script  for our Animated raft sequence ( raft sequence shelved for timebeing ) 

Special thanks to kicho666 for some assistance with raft collision

Special thanks to Jamilla (Mindboggles) for providing suitable raft mesh/skeleton set up for creature entity + animations

Special thanks to AnaCostia Crossing#7259 for assistance with the pickaxe mining animation by putting the pickaxe mesh in the animation. 

Special thanks to C16 for Malpais Legion Camp

Special thanks to jacksonelhage for bloomfield worldspace and malpais relocation assistance

Special thanks to ryanmorrow for bugfixing/playtesting

Special thanks to LuckyThirtyKate for location scouting

Special thanks to Nehred for his strip light region fix mod so we could patch it.