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Contrary to the name, The motel has not gained any sentience, Just quaintness.

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It's me, Yet again, With another player hovel redux.
Novac motel got a little bit of loving this time, based off another one of my Couriers who would've cluttered this place to the brim.
Tried to strike a good in between cozy and lived in.

It was tweaked to my lighting settings so it might be a bit bright/dark depending on your settings.
As always, Screenshots are greatly appreciated and if you find any problems let me know! 

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╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

For Added ""Playability""

- Extra safe storage!

- Added Makeshift Workbench 

- All lootable! Wouldn't recommend it though. Havok is finicky like that.

- Lighting has been tweaked for less of a green overlay. Gave it warmer overtones.

- Idle markers for followers to use. [ Ideal for Companion Sandbox ]

- Added three fresh water sources! Please don't drink out of the toilet. You're not Rex.

Just the four main story dlcs! It's nearly 2018, Get that ultimate edition guys.

What happened to Living Sink?
 Soon...soon u will get that update. 

Lana please do something other than player home remodels. 
If the creation kit wasn't out to kill me I'd push the other projects quicker. 

Edit 11/13: Dad get the camera