Living Sink by Pipbois
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Added: 01/09/2017 - 04:52PM
Updated: 09/09/2017 - 04:29PM

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Last updated at 16:29, 9 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 16:52, 1 Sep 2017

Made the sink reflect how I think it'd look since my couriers been living out of it for ages.
I put alot of detail into this and I've got the steady updates pushin out.
Here's hopin its worth it.

Lighting was tweaked to my own personal preference and setting so it may be a bit bright/dark depending on what you're using. 

Screenshots are always appreciated. 

And just a fair warning this is my first public mod so if you do find any problems, let me know.

¯\_╏ ՞ ︿ ՞ ╏_/¯

for extra ""playability"" 

-Added extra safe storage 
-Made the garden section harvestable without having to rummage through the entire crater + additional plants. 

-It's all lootable, If that's your sort of thing. Wouldn't recommend it though. Havok is finicky like that. 

-Muggy has his own mug corner because he deserves it
Requires the four main story dlcs, it's 2017, You should have the ultimate edition by now.


Edit 09/06: Mom get the camera

Edit 9/09: Featured by Alchestbreach! neat. 
1:20, Since nexus won't do start it at the timestamp.