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Contrary to the name, The presidential suite doesn't grant any bonuses to your luck.
You survived being shot in the head, How much more luck do you need?

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Living Sink - Living Lucky - Living Motel

You all asked for the Living Series to continue, And After about a year of frequent tweaking and getting distracted by other games, 
I can safely say that the 'Living' Series is now complete. 
Living Lucky is the final part of the three part series to revamp and bring the vanilla houses up to a cozy and lived in look, 
without sacrificing the overall aesthetic and original floorplan. 

Lighting was tweaked to my setup so depending on your settings it may be a tad bit bright/dark.
I tried to balance it as much as I could for both ENB / Vanilla lighting. 
Screenshots showcase Chromatic Melancholy ENB & Interior Lighting Overhaul.
As always, Screenshots are greatly appreciated and if you find any problems let me know!

For Added ""Playability""

- Extra safe storage

- Includes Reloading Bench, Makeshift Workbench, & Hot Plate!  

- Companion sandbox compatbility 

1.5 Patch:

- Changed consumables and certain clutter to static. 
- Tweaked some clutter to fill out some empty spaces
- Idle markers for companions to use [ Ideal for Companion Sandbox ]
- Actually added a hotplate this time
- Fixed not getting the "Well Rested" bonus from the master bedroom bed. 
- Fixed a few light sources
- Fixed Radio Scripts

Known bugs that I can not prevent: 

 -Snow Globes are only moved into the cell upon being collected the first time. From there on, they're never updated again.
There is nothing I can do about this and I recommend this home for a new playthrough.


The four main story DLCs!
At this point if you don't have the Ultimate edition I'm worried. 

Any updates On Living Sink/Motel? 
funny you mention that...

Lana please stop making house reduxs
But you all asked for this one!  

Update, 9/13: Hot files!