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Replaces medic eyebot in Stimpak mod to female Mr Handy/Orderly robot.

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Mrs Stimpak is an effort to make as beatiful Mr Handy robot as possible for New Vegas.

- Shiny environment mapped 4096x4096 textures. 
- Animated Fallout 4 type eyes.
- Custom minigun weapon.
- Fully voiced by Sara Mears / stimpak mod

Mrs Stimpak replaces medic eyebot used in Stimpak mod. It is a requirement:
One recommendation. Taking the quest from stimpak is quite a ride, lot of tough enemies and all the best weapons available. I would not recommend on lower levels and even later this is a cheat to get lot of good weapons. But it is still a good little background story, fun short adventure and good place to test bigger guns.

Just install after Stimpak-mod and everything should be fine.

Textures were made from upscaled vanilla textures. Amazing upscaling work done by DcCharge:
Animated FO4 eyes by AmaccurzerO. Install here replacer for other Mr Handys in the game:
Minigun for Mr Handy was implemented by me for this mod:
 I also made Stimpaks flame jet so it doesn't have the little bug with ENB. Install this if you want to fix all Mr Handy/gutsy robots.: