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  1. bananakillerBRO
    • supporter
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    Hi everyone! I got a few requests to lower the percent of idle chatter in the mod, so I figured I'd make a small update to remedy that. But, when I entered the files I realized I had missed something. I apparently didn't record a good amount of Stimpak's location chatter. I was really embarrassed to find this out, it shouldn't have happened and I am truly sorry I didn't see it sooner.

    I will be starting a mass bug fix project on Saturday, fixing the absent voice lines and bugs. I'm also considering adding more new lines if possible.

    Thank you all for the downloads, endorsements, and comments! It makes me so happy to see people are enjoying this mod, and I hope to bring you more mods in the future!
  2. enbyhaunter
    • member
    • 41 posts
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    i realize this mod is old as hell and will never be updated again, but i was wondering if anyone else had this same problem. whenever i take stimpak inside of buildings, she makes the loud ass noise that happens when you move metal barrels around. i had multiple companions at once so i had them wait outside and brought her into a building. same loud noise. then i went in by myself. no loud noise. took my companions that werent stimpak in with me no loud noise. so she had to be the source of the noise. i wouldnt mind if it wasnt such a loud ass noise that hurts my damn ears.
    also, the amount of random dialogue she says is just wild, if i knew how to fix this in the geck i would. she talks so much holy cow.
    finally i had a weird bug where everything in the wasteland started disappearing after saying goodbye to her in the goodsprings gas station. restarting the game seemed to fix this issue.
    other than this stuff, cool mod, unique companion idea, and (mostly) great execution. shes pretty interesting!
  3. Mrboringguy1997
    • member
    • 13 posts
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    Guys, how do you resurrect the terminal? Because I've looked for everything to find whatever I can get for hints on how to solve it. It wont let me.
  4. Foxymedic
    • member
    • 6 posts
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    did anyone else get the Valore achievement who at least still has the achievements available did anyone else get that from picking up a bobble head in the gas station like idk how it happed just when i went in there and saw the shelf of bobble heads i was gonna pick them up and see which ones id feel like i would need and i pick one up and i got the achievement for some reason idk why it happened 
  5. BowShatter
    • member
    • 64 posts
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    First of all, I appreciate the effort that went into creating this companion and her quest, but there's a lot of issues with the current version, at least from my experience.

    1. Improper navmeshes and door transitions. Companions including Stimpak are unable to follow the player properly in many locations, most notoriously on the starting section of the island and entire reactor room. Door transitions often result in companions being displaced into the void. Enemies disappear on reload into the void.
    2. Excessive number of enemies with little variety. There's only two enemy types, with extremely high HP, DT and damage, spammed throughout all the areas. Gets tedious really fast.
    3. Repetitive chatter. Stimpak says the same 3-4 lines repeatedly within the span of a few minutes. I couldn't stand it anymore once her quest was done. Some lines of dialogue of Stimpak and quest NPCs are unvoiced too. Oh and Stimpak dosen't travel back to her home when you dismiss her.
    4. Not sure if it has to do with this mod, but after visiting the mod's new worldspace, the Mojave Wasteland become extremely unstable. NPCs and companions starting glitching through the world and combat froze up more often. 

    Therefore, as much as I'd like to endorse this companion mod, it really has too many issues.
  6. Markus179
    • supporter
    • 60 posts
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    Great mod and really great voice acting but because of the edits to the goodsprings gas station it is incompatible with this great mod :/
    https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/67247  If you could, a patch would be really appreciated! Maybe a version that just add the robot follower but remove the edits to the goodsprings gas station?
    1. jedp15
      • member
      • 2,102 posts
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      Yeah, he made this in 2017 and should have known better than to use a place in Goodsprings like that, lol - there's tons of mods for the GS gastation. Of course there's no rule that says you have to but it's kinda common sense this late in the modding game.
  7. TrinketGizmo
    • supporter
    • 70 posts
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    Can you romance her?
    1. EnclaveWinsAgain
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    2. ArcadeTheDodo
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  8. ExternalBoss666
    • member
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    Um for me the terminal to destroy the reactor is not there. I dont know what to do
    1. NukaBliss
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  9. RushingDandy
    • member
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    How's that update coming along? 
  10. Alvestor
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    Not sure why, but the mod fails to do literally anything. The gas station isn't changed, Stimpak isn't there, I have no idea what to do.
    Edit: It might be because I did the Ghost Town Gunfight quest. Although I would wager that there would have been some sort of preventative measure against that breaking this mod. It would be a shame, as then I would have to wait until I've finished the game, and that would suck absolute dick.
  11. warmaster23rat
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    Will this interfer with the Ghost Town Gunfight quest? You know, given the whole, gas station thing.