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Improves ragdoll behaviour for all NPC/Creatures in the game. Read the description.

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                         Now with TTW patch!


I know I said that 3.0 was final, but, as always, I found new things to fix and to play with.

So there you go - VERSION 4.0!

A lot has changed. All ragdolls behave much better, fall faster, weight is (again) redistributed, new options in MCM menu, better ragdoll reaction to fatal blows, etc... It took A LOT of work and almost the same amount of testing.
More stuff explained in the UPDATES section. 

However, I decided to drop RDT feature. The reason is because it was pain in the behind to make one, it was obviously unfinished engine feature even when you do get it into the game and scripting is required to bypass the limitations that has it's own issues.

RDT files can be used on armors to modify how ragdoll behaves if NPC wears it. For example, you can make ragdoll more rigid if medium/heavy armor is worn, add metal material to power armors to make corpses wearing it sink in the water. Very cool feature, but too much hassle to get it working for something that is not very noticeable.

I still want to thank TommInfinite for script that bypasses the RDT engine limitations and jazzisparis for making Get/SetArmorRCT function. :)

I will NOT make any custom skeletons for bouncing body parts or anything similar. I don't use them, so don't ask me to make them.


For base Ragdoll mod:

- Fallout New Vegas
- Dead Money
- Honest Hearts
- Old World Blues
- Lonesome Road
- Latest NVSE
- JIP LN NVSE Plugin
- The Mod Configuration Menu

For the TTW Ragdoll version:

- Fallout New Vegas
- Dead Money 
- Honest Hearts
- Old World Blues
- Lonesome Road

- Fallout 3
- Operation: Anchorage
- The Pitt
- Broken Steel
- Point Lookout
- Mothership Zeta
- Tale Of Two Wastelands

(TTW doesn't have 4.0 fixes yet)


v 4.1:

- added MCM option to change dismembered limb velocity
- minor fixes for some ragdolls
- TTW version released

v 4.0:


This changes the way fatal blows applied to ragdolls. Instead of using weapon's Kill Impulse that pushes the ragdoll from it's center no matter where the final blow is applied, now the projectile force, which part of the body is hit and the weight of the ragdoll is taken into account. Killing super mutant point blank with shotgun won't send it backward as it would send NPCs or ghouls.

Take a look at the video to see it in the action:

I want to thank darthbdaman for making a script that removes Kill Impulse from all weapons in order for locational force to work correctly.
This is compatible with all mods that add new weapons in the game.

Since this caused melee/unarmed weapons to have 0 Kill Impulse, I've tweaked the script to add kill impulse only to non-ranged weapons. Unarmed weapons have the lowest kill impulse (except the Power Fists) and two handed weapons have the highest kill impulse.

Because of that, this mod now requires JIP LN NVSE Plugin.

- you can change the projectile force
- change the limb dismember and explode chance
- change water buoyancy for ragdoll's torso and limbs
- change the explosion strength
- change the dismembered/exploded limb velocity

>> Some ragdolls now use constraints with Motors which can be used to make semi-elastic joints:
- Robobrain's torso now goes back to upright position if it bends forward or backward
- Feet for humanoid ragdolls return to it's default position if they bend. 

- All skeletons have re-corrected weight values, much better inertia values which result in far better ragdoll behaviour
- Re-fixed A LOT of bad constraint values across all ragdoll resulting in much better transition from animation to ragdoll
- Creatures like Lake Lurks, small Deathclaws, Nighstalkers, etc... no longer jump/twist when killed
- Mr. Gutsy/Handy is finally fixed. It will no longer vibrate
- Headtracking and IK is now included in the main esp
- Corpses of Ghouls and Super mutants that are placed in the GECK and have their heads set to explode no longer have their neck gore caps stretched
- As A bonus, I've included a various mesh fixes for Bloatflies (wings are now connected to the torso), Securitrons ("dead screen" is now gray instead having a misaligned texture), Nightstalker (fixed tongue texture alignment)

As of 24.6.2017, TTW version of Ragdolls 4.0 is uploaded.

- all fixes mentioned above are transferred to all creatures in Capital Wasteland
- Chimera Tank no longer explodes after death, but instead ragdolls
- All three variations of Swampfolk from Point Lookout have separate skeletons. (Big guys also have fixed model, so mouth is correctly skinned and animated)


This mod overhauls almost all ragdolls (skeleton.nif) in game!

General improvements include: 

- more friction = less ice!
- no bouncing, because I don't like it
- better transition from animation to ragdoll
- less likely for ragdoll to get stuck in a ground or other objects
- ragdolls behave according to their type (NPCs, insects, animals, robots...)

Humanoids (Ghouls, NPCs, Super Mutants):
- better limb movement for more interesting death poses
- more friction
- fixed inertia values on Ghouls, so they don't act sluggish and feel too heavy
- Ghoul's dismembered heads no longer wobble on the ground

- less friction since they are made out of metal
- Securitron's arm no longer clip through body, wheel and antenna can be rotated indefinitely
- added havok to Protectron's feet and central hinge can be rotated indefinitely
- Sentry Bot's wheels now have havok and can spin indefinitely, so expect them to ride down the slopes after death
- Robobrains have an unlimited hinge in the middle
- fixed wrong bone attachement for Mister Handy/Gutsy
- Cyberdogs have separate ragdoll, robot parts are more rigid while organic parts are more movable
- Robot Scorpions are more rigid as opposed to their organic counterparts

Sentry bot ragdoll in action:

- more rigid
- more friction
- Ant's left legs wrong rotation fixed. so they no longer jump when killed

- jaw physics for Nightstalkers, Deathclaws, Super Mutants, Yao Guais, Dogs/Coyotes/Cyberdogs and Aliens
- fixed Nightstalker's ragdoll
- removed havok from Gecko's tongue, so it doesn't go haywire anymore
- Spore Plants are fixed to the ground
- Spore Carriers/Tunnelers have very rigid ragdoll
- Lakelurks have (I assume) slippery skin, so I reduced the friction on them

Example of havok'd jaw:

There's probably something I forgot...


Use FOMM, NMM or any other mod manager to install it. Manual installation is not recommended since removing it would be a pain in the behid.
Activate esp in your load order.


Use any mod manager for uninstallation.


- if you use skeletons with jumping boobs and willies, it will not be compatible, so I recommend installing custom human skeleton again to overwrite skeleton from this mod
- if any mod modifies skeletons other than human one, it will not be compatible, but I haven't heard of such mod.
- very small creatures like mantis hatchlings have a chance for their ragdoll to go haywire. Might be a scaling issue.
- corpses that are already placed in the game might be distorted. That's because of added colliders that weren't "havok'd" in GECK. It's normal. That's where Havok Bounce comes into play. It touches the corpses to force physics solver to fix the ragdoll. Don't forget to turn it on in the MCM menu.


- Nifskope
- Blender


jazzisparis and LuthenAnarion - for JIP LN NVSE Plugin
darthbdaman - for making a script for removing the weapon kill impulse
Obsidian - for developing (my favorite) game
Niftools team - for developing a Nifskope
Fallout2AM - for her Havok Bounce script

Hope you'll enjoy it! 

~ MadAce