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Adds Project Nevada visor overlays and optional breathing sound effects to TheLozza's Gas Masks of the World.

Permissions and credits

This patch adds Project Nevada overlays to all the masks from TheLozza's Gas Masks of the World. It also includes optional integrated sound effects from SHADOW0011's Gask Mask Breathing Mod! I made this mostly for personal use, but wanted to share in case anyone else wanted overlays.


> Gas Masks of the World v2.1 (with or without the Dead Money patch)

> Project Nevada v2.5

> MCM (If you want to toggle the breathing effects)



Use the mod manager of your choice, or copy the all contents to your Data folder. Make sure it is below both TheLozza's_Gasmasks_V2.esp and any Project Nevada .esp's in your load order.

For version 1.2 and earlier: Make sure to re-build your merged patch in FNVedit, especially if you have PN patches installed for other mods, or FormID lists may be overwritten and potentially cause crashes.

**Version History**

> 2.5.1 - Update to support optional Dead Money patch for GMotW 2.1

> 2.5 - Update to support GMotW version 2.1

> 2.1 - Hotfix for 2.0. I forgot to attach the object effects and cloud scripts to the overwrite entries. Fixed.

> 2.0 - Removed FormID list entries in favor of scripts to inject masks to the appropriate PN lists. Added breathing effects from SHADOW0011's Gas Mask Breathing mod, with MCM menu to toggle between off, 1st person only, or 1st and 3rd person.

> 1.2 - Added overwrite entries for masks to assign them to PN overlay slots, also to prevent two gas masks from being worn together. GP-5 variants now take the Head, Hair, EyeGlasses, Earrings, and Mask slots, while all other masks take the EyeGlasses, Earrings, and Mask slots. Also changed color overlay for M17 from light red to dark red.

> 1.1 - Changed M17 and M40 masks to have different overlays, to fit their modern design better.

> 1.0 - Initial release

**Known Bugs/Issues**

> Currently no known serious problems. Please let me know in the comments if you find anything!


I claim none of the assets used in this mod as my own work. The people responsible are listed below.

> User SHADOW0011 for the sound effects and associated scripting. See above in the overview section for a link to the original breathing mod, in case you want to use it for other headgear.

> User TheLozza for his amazing work on the Gas Masks mod, and anyone who helped him out.

> The Project Nevada team for their endless hours of work making one of the best mods ever.