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It's the end of the world, radiation and poisonous gases are everywhere. Why was there no gas masks implemented in the final game? There is now. New Version with Dead Money Cloud Protection avaliable!

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[size=+4Option]The Masks[/size]

PLEASE READ FIRST - Uninstall/delete all previous versions of this mod (<1.1 or 2.0) before installing 2.1, otherwise many problems may occur.

[size=+3Option]Coming Soon [/size]
A BSA Version of the mod = reduced load times/better stability/less clutter
All external hotfixs included in the one file
Leveled Lists Integration - optional
  • Raiders
  • NCR
  • Legion
  • Merchants
[size=+3Option]V2.1 Update 24/11/2014 [/size]
  • Fixed black seams on the PBF gas mask
  • Improved texture maps 
  • Fixed PBF and other masks hair clipping
  • Deleted un-neccessary files - decreased overall file size

[size=+4Option]Current Version Features 2.1[/size]
  • GP5
  • Spetsnaz GP5
  • PBF
  • M17
  • M10
  • M40
  • XM40
  • S10
  • Faction GP5 variants + camo
  • Custom Icons
  • HD Bump and environment maps
  • Slave Scarves
  • New unique gas mask effects
  • FEMALE compatibility!
  • Helmet + Hat friendly... HD GP5 may have some clipping errors
  • Project Nevada Visor Patch by elguapo1991

So the bombs have dropped.
Radiation is everywhere.
Poisonous gases are polluting the air and irradiated dust is constantly traversing.
Why did the game never implement real full-face gas masks to the game?
With this mod I decided to add various gas mask models from all over the world including

Russia (Soviet Union)
  • Russian GP5
  • Russian PBF
  • Spetsnaz GP5

United States

  • US M40
  • US XM40
  • US M17

Australia (Commonwealth)

  • AUS SF10


  • Cz M10

Fallout Universe

  • Faction GP5 variants (older model)
  • Camouflage GP5

Years after the discovery of the Spetsnaz in Vegas, the factions found remnants of the old GP-5 gas mask. It was such a simple and efficient protective item, less expensive than the NCR ranger helmets, so the factions remade the gas mask but preserved the iconic look and feel.

GP-5 - Goodsprings General Store
PBF - Hidden Valley Bunker (Derelict)
XM40 - Old Nuclear Test Site
M40 - Nellis Museum
M17 - Mesquite Mountains Crater 'Hell's Motel'
M10 - Black Mountain Storage Room (Treasure)
SF10 - Benny's Suite, The Tops Casino 13th Floor
Spetsnaz GP-5 - South Cistern
NCR GP-5 - NCR Ranger Safehouse
Legion GP-5 - Legion Safehouse

Camouflage GP-5 - Camp Forlorn Hope Medical Centre

The old GP5s can be found in a rubbish bin in the Goodsprings General Store too.
Slaves scarves can be found amongst some of the masks.

[size=+4Option]Dead Money Locations and Info [/size]
Thanks to TheRighteousFist for the script development, the gas masks can now play a role in protecting the player from the poisonous cloud! Survival just got better!
Checkout the creators profile for promising mods!
  • Sierra Villa - M40 in one of the fountains north of the main fountain
  • Dean Domino's Secret Stashes - Trusty GP5 in every single case
  • Dean Dominos House - Spetsnaz GP5s in an ammo box between the two chairs
  • Random loot
1. Extract the data folder from the .zip into your new vegas directory.
2. Make sure that the esp is inside the data folder and then enable it in the launcher.
3. Play the game!:)


[size=+2Option]Known Issues[/size]
The M17's straps clip through helmets or don't strap to the head properly, this is because it is extremely hard to reposition a low poly mesh. One day I'll fix this but to be honest it's very minor.
Biston Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino Causes the M17 to not spawn as it changes Hell's Hotel for some reason... Pointed out by Joemilnes
Maybe a few clipping errors depending on the size of your players head. I modeled it as universal as possible. If you are getting clipping errors the only workaround would be to use 'showracemenu' in the console, and muck about with the head options.
Any issues or bugs please let me know.


[size=+2Option]FAQ and Tips[/size]

I can't wear a helmet with the GP5.
You can't because the gas mask uses the head and hair slot, the mask also uses a 'fake neck', which means I added my own neck into the model. If you really want to wear a helmet with it (It looks really cool if you do), open up geck and change the body slot of your head item to 'bodyaddon1 or earings'.

Some masks aren't turning up ingame and the textures are mucked!
Install manually, make sure you have archive invalidation and have installed the files in the correct order! 1.0 >1.1 update > Dead Money patch!

Where can I get the CIA and Metro armour from the screenshots?
You can't.

What are the weapons in the screenshots?
AK-74u and M4A1 by Millenia.

Where can I get that cap and helmet combined in the M40 screenshot?
It is an amazing mod by Camon, Special Weapons and Tactical Armor.

When will the next updates be released?
I have exams on atm, so the releases may be slow. The quality will make up for it though.

Where can I get the assassin suit camo retexture?
Blachnick90s Stealth Suit and Assassin Suit Retex

Why does the GP-5 use a 'fake neck' and what is a 'fake neck'?
A fake neck means the gas mask actually has its own neck attached to it previously.
The reason I put it on was because the way the model was made it was impossible and required a lot of re-modelling to get the characters head to fit inside the gas mask. And because the GP-5 is made of latex and squeezes over the persons head, it would be impossible to simulate that in a game model. That is one of the reasons why you don't see many full face masks in New Vegas. So the fake neck pretends that there is a human head currently present but really there isn't. Sorry if I didn't explain this properly.

I can't find a particular mask! I've checked everywhere!
Some masks are inside containers.
Also, check your followers inventory incase they may have picked it up before you.

Recommended for hardcore boiz and gals, oh and to get the survivalist feel I suggest wearing them with some type of hood for incredible aesthetics.

[size=+2Option]My 10 Recommended Mods[/size]
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