Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Resurrection of the FalloutNVCheatTerminal project by borjoyzee. Requires all major FONV DLC.

Permissions and credits
Mod by: Gir489

Credits: borjoyzee for the original.

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?:

This mod adds a terminal for which you can have easy access to cheating. Be it adding weapons, free money, access to casino games outside a casino, crafting benches whenever you want.

The terminal is located in Doc Mitchel's office in Goodsprings, but if you want to add the portable version manually, you can do player.additem XX00339A, where XX is the hex representation of FalloutNVCheatTerminal.esp's load number.

This mod requires all of the major Fallout: New Vegas DLCs, but has support for the Courier's Stash.


Alpha 3(January 30th, 2013)
Added Ammo categorized by type.
Fixed typos with ammo.
Added welcome text to sub-menus.
Added Weapons categorized by type.

Alpha 4(February 2nd, 2013)
Added Food categorized by type.
Added Drinks categorized by type.
Added Medicine categorized by type.

Alpha 5(February 6th, 2013)
Modified The Merchant to have the most possible caps (Max Signed Int16)
Added necessary items to The Merchant's inventory.
Added Clothing categorized by type.
Fixed some Food and Weapons not working.

Alpha 6(February 6th, 2013)
Added Armor categorized by type.
Added Headwear categorized by type.

Alpha 7(February 7th, 2013)
Fixed Armor::Heavy not working.
Removed some unwearable items.
Added NPC Armor list and made them wearable by the player.

Alpha 8(February 8th, 2013)
Mysterious Stranger's .44 magnum now inherits from the .44, magnum but applies damage and sound from being mysterious. (This means it can have the same mods and ammo, but plays the same sound the Mysterious Magnum does and does 9000 base damage per shot.)
Fixed several missing world models not working for NPC weapons and apparel.
Added replica NPC weapons so you can you can use them for more than 2 seconds.

Alpha 9:(February 11th, 2013)
Fixed disclaimer being too long in NPC Weapons.
Removed legacy menus that weren't referenced anymore.
Removed some unusable items.
Added Eugene clone from Fallout 3 to Weapons::Guns::Heavy
Added The Terrible Shotgun clone from Fallout 3 to Weapons::Guns::Shotguns::(Unique)
Added Misc items categorized by type.

Alpha 10(February 14th, 2013)
Removed some unused menus.
Removed Courier's Stash requirement, but left in Downloadable Content::Courier's Stash for the people that do have it. (For the people that don't have it, nothing will happen when you attempt to add the items that are specific to that Add-On. For example, people without the Classic Pack can't add the Vault 13 Canteen.)
Added proper Play Caravan selection. (It doesn't crash now and you can play Caravan with anyone that's alive.)
Fixed some casino games calling their respective ShowMenuParams function with the wrong parameters.
Fixed some typos in Food::Fruit.

Alpha 11(February 17th, 2013)
Removed unused Worldspace and Cell modifications.
Added Eugene, The Terrible Shotgun, The Mysterious Stranger's .44 Magnum and Miss Fortune's Bad Luck Bringer to the Gun Runner Venderton.
Added Weapon Mods categorized by type.

v1.0(February 20th, 2013)
Doubled the amount of caps The Merchant can carry.

v1.1(May 14th, 2013)
Fixed dependencies for Courier's Stash still being in the ESP.
Added reported missing weapons.

v1.1a(May 16th, 2013)
Fixed typos.

v1.1b(May 30th, 2013)
Fixed reported broken item.

v1.2(June 8th, 2013)
Removed broken perk in Honest Hearts menu.
Removed In Shining Armor add/remove since: "This perk is bugged and applies no effect."
Removed Dead Money Companion Perk add/remove menu, as the perks are just a shell. (The perks are just stubs and don't carry any effect. They're there to let the player know of the effect. The actual effect is granted passively when the event is called, it just checks if you have the companion and does a different result. For example, for unclean living, when you're in the gas, the gas hurt script just does a check if Dean is your partner at the time. If he is, it doesn't damage you as much. If he's not it does full damage.)
Added "Remove Dead Money Collar" option to Downloadable Content::Dead Money::Items::Quest Removal 2. (This was tested with a 4 minute speedrun of Dead Money from start to finish and I had no problems at all. The only thing I noticed was that I couldn't switch off the radios. Totally worth it to not have to worry about your neck exploding every 10 seconds.)
Fixed The Merchant not having 65534 caps each time you traded with him.
Fixed over 100 spelling and grammatical errors.
Fixed Drugs::Poison menu not adding anything.
Fixed Ammo::10mm giving 9mm.

v1.3(June 23rd, 2013)
Added Perks categorized by type.
Removed add/remove perk mechanic, and replaced it with a terminal check.
Rewrote the descriptions for the 4 FalloutNVCheatTerminal perks.
Removed unused cell modifications.

v1.31(July 7th, 2013)
Fixed venom list not working.

v1.32(July 7th, 2013)
Added books due to request.

v1.33(August 5th, 2013)
Fixed reported broken perks.
Added missing Lonesome Road and Sniper perk.

v1.33a(August 8th, 2013)
Fixed Plasma Mag. Accelerator not working.

v1.4(November 9th, 2013)
Fixed a bunch of shit, I don't know. *burp*

v1.41(January 5th, 2014)
Fixed Hydra not working.

v1.5(May 17th, 2014)
Fixed Remove Dead Money Collar option not disabling the radios.
Added s'more quest item removals.
Changed quest item removal to remove 9999 of each item, to prevent redundant clicking.

v1.51(May 18th, 2014)
Fixed Hunting Rifle Custom Action giving Cowboy Repeater Custom Action.

v1.52(June 9th, 2014)
Added a script to give the required Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Caps under Items -> Quest Items.
Fixed Roving Trader Hat giving Roving Trader Outfit.

v1.53(August 25th, 2014)
Fixed Detonator giving the player 50 copies.

v1.53a(December 6th, 2014)
Added a script to give the player the portable terminal when the mod is installed.

v1.6(December 26th, 2014)
Fixed The Merchant not having any dialog when you talked to him.
Refactored the way The Merchant is resupplied with caps to always force 65534 caps.
Increased the amount of items The Merchant carries to 500 aid, 2 mods, 2000 ammo.
Fixed various weapons not being added under Unused Weapons.
Added a playable Oliver's Anti Material Rifle to Weapons -> Unused Weapons -> Guns.
Added all ammo and mods to The Merchant. (Except Junk/Bulk/Quest ammo)
Added Doctor's Bags to The Merchant's supply.
Added 5000 of each type of non-cap money to The Merchant, to assist in extremely large transactions.
Added an option to steal from The Merchant's supply.
Added All Items containers to Summoning, because I was going to port testqaitems to FONV, but gave up after I realized how much work it was going to be.
Added stupid sounds to The Merchant's dialog, because I wasn't going to pack a fucking cheating mod with dialog.

v1.61(January 1st, 2015)
Added all playable Weapons/Apparel/Crafting Ingreds/Aid to The Merchant's barter menu.
Reworked The Merchant's trading menu to have a configurable trading experience. (Summoning -> Merchant Configuration)
Renamed Items -> Weapons/Ammo -> Ammo -> Guns A / Guns B to Guns (.22LR - 5.56mm) / Guns (9mm - 20 gauge).
Reduced the base items The Merchant carries.
Removed steal from The Merchant's supply.
Increased The Merchant's cap reserve to 500000.

v1.62(January 5th, 2015)
Added missing Head Scribe's Keycard to the All Keys container.
Removed All Items containers, as they were causing memory problems.
Refactored the All Keys container to only contain keys for Fallout: New Vegas.
Put the All Keys back to its original location. (Items -> Misc -> All Keys)
Refactored changelog to show that 1.54 was supposed to be 1.6.

v1.7(January 12th, 2015)
Added Old World Blues traits to the Traits menu.
Updated Traits menu to use the ADD/REM style similar to how perks are handled by the terminal.

v1.71(January 29th, 2015)
Fixed Misc -> Money giving the wrong variant for NCR/Legion.
Added RobCo Jumpsuit to Clothing -> Jumpsuits -> (More).

v1.72(March 31st, 2015)
Added Enclave Officer Uniform to Clothing -> Character's Clothing B.

v1.8(April 12th, 2015)
Fixed The Merchant's trade dialog when you talked to him not having 500,000 caps and not having any of the extra items for sale.
Rewrote all of The Merchant's dialog.
Added an option to get to The Merchant's configuration page when talking to him.

v1.81(April 13th, 2015)
Fixed The Merchant disappearing when you trade with him.
Fixed The Merchant's trade window removing the configuration items after you trade with him the first time.

v1.82(June 20th, 2015)
Added user reported missing item Bobby Pin to Items -> Misc -> General -> Household Items.

v1.83(August 8th, 2015)
Added Enable All Dialog option to Boone's menu.
Added Doc Mitchell's House as a point of interest to teleport to.

v1.84(October 6th, 2015)
Removed the oddly placed Portable Cheat Terminal under the actual terminal.
Fixed The Merchant trying to sell you his suit.

v1.85(February 27th, 2017)
Added Fallout 3 Legacy Perks.
Increased terminal scrolling text speed to 1000.

v1.86(September 23rd, 2017)
Added user reported missing item Maize to Items -> Aid -> (More) -> Sprouts -> Maize.
Fixed Play Caravan menu displaying Dale Barton as Dale Burton and not working.

v1.87(September 24th, 2017)
Fixed Euclid's C-Finder missing from Items -> Weapons -> Misc.
Fixed Euclid's C-Finder not working unless you complete the quest. It will now work at any point in the game, and it doesn't matter if you choose ARCHIMEDES II during the quest.
Fractured Downloadable Content -> Dead Money -> Items -> Misc -> Add All Sierra Madre Playing Cards in to Get All Sierra Madre Playing Cards and Add All Cut Sierra Madre Playing Cards. Get All Sierra Madre Playing Cards takes all the SM playing cards from the worldspace ensuring no duplicates are given and also completes the quest. Add All Cut Sierra Madre Playing Cards adds the other cards not in the worldspace but were added to the game.