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With RobCo Certification, you too can turn a hunk of junk into a brand-new robot assistant with our five-part correspondence course- get RobCo Robot Company certified, today!

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Requires NVSE

18/08/2021: Thanks to HaliaxOfTheSeven for the bugfix!

With RobCo Certification, you too can turn a hunk of junk into a brand-new robot assistant with our five-part correspondence course- get RobCo Robot Company certified, today!

RobCo Certified adds a new three-rank perk with the same name. With the perk, if you have a spare Fission Battery and some Robot Spare Parts you'll be given the option to repair any robot you destroy, turning them into a loyal ally who'll follow you anywhere- or you can use your training to build new ones at Cerulean Robotics in Vegas. Each rank allows you to repair bigger and better robots to command, as well as to further upgrade the ones you have- improving their firepower, giving them new weapons and abilities (like strapping Rippers to your Protectron's hands, or letting Mister Handies wield weaponry).

The mod also adds a chain of Crazed Inventor perks, that let you craft robotic buddies from random wasteland clutter, spare components and leftover body parts- Safebots to carry your junk, Ovenbots to roast your enemies, or Hoverbrains to overwhelm your foes.

Plus, in the Old World Blues version take Mad Scientist perks to play god, and create cyborgs from dead dogs, deathclaws, people and even radroach meat and robot spare parts.

It also adds a bunch of tools and items you can use to fix up your bots, or augment their capabilities, helping them lock-on to enemies and suchlike.

Example video:

  • RobCo Certified: Allows you to repair Protectron and Mr Handy robots, and jury-rig Securitrons into operation.
  • Pro Certified: Allows you to repair Robobrain and Mr Gutsy robots as well, and fix Securitrons to full Mark I operation.
  • Gold Certified: Allows you to repair Sentry Bots and Securitrons as well, and upgrade Securitrons to Mark II.
  • Crazed Inventor: Allows you to build some robots from household appliances and/or human brains.
  • Demented Inventor: Allows you to build more robots from household appliances and/or even more human brains.
  • Mad Scientist:(OWB] Allows you to build Lobotomites, Cyberdogs and Cyberroaches from bodies.
  • Mad Scientist, PhD:(OWB] Allows you to build advanced Lobotomites, Cyberdogs and Cyberclaws.
  • Robot Wrangler: Increases the number of robots you can command.
  • Combat Engineer: Gives you bonus DT when using RobCo tools or clothing.

  • RobCo Wrench, RobCo Auto-Fix: Hit bots with these to fix them.
  • RobCo Remote: All-rounder. Fire at enemy bots or foes to debuff them, or friendly bots to buff them.
  • Absorption Goo Grenade: Splats highly-absorbent goo on enemies, making them take much more damage from energy weapons (like bot lasers and plasma).
  • Robot Spare Parts: Used to make Junkbots, fix broken robots, can be used to fix crippled robot limbs, and are needed for some upgrades.
  • RobCo Brainsaw: Hit dead humans and dogs with this to harvest their brains. They don't need them.
  • RobCo Neural Command Unit: A fancy hat that increases your robot cap.

Robots (by perk tier)

  • Beanbot: Fires baseballs.
  • Coffeebot: Sprays boiling coffee.
  • Electrobot: Projects a protective Tesla Field over allied bots.
  • Fichebot: Fires energy blasts.
  • Holobot: Fires holo-rays.
  • Hydrobot: Sprays water.
  • Ovenbot: Fires flames.
  • Projectorbot: Fires lasers.
  • TVtron: Fires energy blasts.
  • Jukebot: Speeds player AP regen.
  • Safebot: Holds stuff and is dead tough.
  • Serverbot: Spawns a fleet of hovering drones.
  • Shieldbot: Projects a shield.
  • Think-Tank: Can repair other robots.
  • Transformer: Disguises your robots.
  • Hoverbrain: Can wield one-handed pistols.
  • Scuttlebrain: Can wield one-handed melee weapons.

Cyborgs (Old World Blues)
  • 1. Lobotomites: Simple idiots that are melee-only.
  • 1. Cyberdogs: Cheerful canine companions.
  • 1. Cyberroaches: Highly disposable cannon-fodder.
  • 2. Mecha-Lobotomites: Tougher, capable of wielding guns.
  • 2. Military Cyberdogs: Tougher, with sonic bark.
  • 2. Cyberroach Minions: Cyberroaches, now in infinite, free supply!
  • 2. Cyberclaw: Deathclaws.
  • 2. Cyberus, The Unique Cyberdog: Built using one of Rexes' brains, Cyberus is a tough and deadly 3-headed cyberdog.
  • 2. Unique Lobotomites: Two exist, although only 1 can be build in a given playthrough. Who they're made from... is a mystery. That's listed in the readme. And there's a picture of one on the images page. So, not much of a mystery.[/ist]
  • Cross-Perk Robots[list]
  • Assemblotron: Can wield almost all weapons.
  • Recursobot Robot Factory: Acts like a portable robot factory.
  • Multibot:(OWB) Highly upgradeable heavy combat robot.
  • ----RobCo Compatible Mods:
    What about Old World Blues!
    Version 1.1 onwards will require Old World Blues- it's too major to handle by just adding a compatibility patch. When I'm pretty sure that the current version is stable, I'll start on 1.1.

    You should use these things!
    Bear in mind RobCo is intended to mesh as well with vanilla content as possible, stylistically. If it doesn't look like it could've come from vanilla New Vegas, I'm not really interested.

    You should add a Toaster robot lol!
    Shut up. Just, shut up. It's not funny, it's tacky and I have been asked this far too many times. Why would I want to add a reference to myself into a mod I'm making for myself?

    Don't rehost without permission.