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Allows for the crafting of the RobCo Wrench and Brainsaw at workbenches.

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This one's pretty simple, does what it says on the tin. You can craft RobCo Wrenches and Brainsaws on the workbench. Useful for situations like Dead Money, where normally you wouldn't be able to get your hands on RobCo tools for the entire DLC unless you specifically took a new perk while locked in. 

Exact Details
The RobCo Wrench requires either the RobCo Certified or Crazed Inventor perk to be crafted, and calls for one ordinary wrench and a Weapon Repair Kit. The RobCo Brainsaw requires the Mad Scientist perk to be crafted, and the recipe calls for one Bonesaw and one whet stone.

The optional file, version 1.1, makes a few minor adjustments besides the new recipes. The RobCo Wrench can now be repaired with Lead Pipes, and has been given sound effects for when you swing it. The RobCo Brainsaw has had its price adjusted from 100 caps to 10, because the two junk items it's made with are worth less than 10 caps separately.

Special thanks to TheTalkieToaster for creating the original RobCo Certified mod!