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Allows changing of fire modes, such as semi-auto and burst, for projectile weapons.

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This mod adds a system for changing the firing mode of your projectile weapons with a streamlined interface in the HUD. It's mostly useful for assault weapons but works with any gun. The most notable feature is allowing bursts of 3 (or 2) rounds to be fired, which now works beautifully in any situation.

By default, you'll hold the E key for the menu to appear beside the crosshair, then use the left/right mouse buttons to change your selection. This allows you to very quickly go from full-auto to semi-auto/burst without breaking your attention from the surroundings.

When firing an automatic weapon in burst mode, the weapon's accuracy will be increased. In semi-auto mode the accuracy will be increased even more. The increase in accuracy is shown in Project Nevada's dynamic crosshair and is carried over to VATS mode as well.

Weapons are placed into categories based on which fire modes they can have. Some have the same selection with a different order to stay true to the weapon's real-world fire mode selector. The following categories are available in the current release:

Safe - Automatic
Safe - Semi-Auto
Safe - Semi-Auto - Automatic
Safe - Automatic - Semi-Auto
Safe - Semi-Auto - Burst(3)
Safe - Semi-Auto - Burst(3) - Automatic
Safe - Semi-Auto - Burst(2) - Automatic
Semi-Auto - Safe - Automatic
Safe - Single - Double (Shotguns)
Safe - Single - Triple (Shotguns)
None (For weapons not having a selector)

If the weapon's default selection is not correct, it can be placed into the correct category by mod authors. The default selection for assault weapons can also be changed by users, as can the selection for each weapon.

Weapons from the following have been correctly re-categorized to match their real-world counterparts:
(If a mod is not listed, that does not mean it is incompatible or incorrectly configured. Most categorization is for realism more than functionality. You can also disable auto categorization in the configuration menu if you only want to use the default selections.)



  • When firing an automatic in burst/semi-auto, the weapon spread is modified. This lasts only as long as you are firing, but will have the same effect on any other user of the weapon during that time.
  • Selection memory occurs per weapon FormID. If you set one to burst mode, any others you have with the same FormID will also be set to burst mode. (Note: This does not affect NPCs.)
  • Triple-barrel shotguns won't be able to fire all three in VATS until a bug is fixed.


This mod may conflict with other mods that alter the behavior of weapons in real-time.


The Fallout Mod Manager installer will be the only supported installation method. See the included readme if you need detailed instructions.
It is recommended that you use Unified HUD Project if you have any other mods that alter the HUD.


If you use Selective Fire add-on plugins from any of the mods with integrated categorization (see above) you will no longer need to use them.
The Selective Fire - Project Nevada.esp is no longer needed for Project Nevada's dynamic crosshair to reflect Selective Fire accuracy changes.


There are many options for users to configure using the Mod Configuration Menu. You can change how accurate burst and semi-auto modes are, whether mods can set categories for weapons, the default selection for assault weapons, or the selection for your equipped weapon. You can also change which buttons are pressed to change fire mode and whether you want to hold a button to open the selection menu or not. The selection display is configurable as well, with a number of options to change its size, position, and layout.

If you want to make your selection change with a single keypress you can set Use Menu Key to OFF, Cycle Selection to ON, and set Up Key and Down Key to the same key.

New to version 1.4 is the ability to keep changes across all saves. Individual weapon selection changes won't be shared, though.


To prevent user confusion, this mod is not to be redistributed. If your mod uses Selective Fire as a master, provide a link to this page.