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  1. fangbutt
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    If you want to use VUI+ but still keep MTUI's dialog interface (because it's a million times better) just open MTUI in explorer, go into Menus and delete everything except the dialog folder. Then load it under VUI+. Works fine.
    1. angelastuff2
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      Thanks for this tip !  I really like VUI+ except for the dialog.  I'm going to try out your suggestion !

    2. Rookmaister
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      Thank you fellow wanderer!
    3. Blackbeard17
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      real hero
    4. epsos
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      Hero, thanks.
      Will it be possible to do it with the mod, The Weapon Mod Menu?
    5. agentadam121
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      Still working in 2024! Much appreciated.
    6. Duzware
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      men you are a hero
    7. Lukyz
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      Thanks a lot man!
    8. baelock
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      can anyone tell me the steps to do this?

      I have found the way
      if you are using VUI+ and you want to do this I recommend installing it manually (but uninstallation will be a bit longer), if you are using a mod manager (i use vortex) you should make VUI+ last in your load order and then MTUI on top so that it overwrite every other conflicting mods or just edit the conflicting files manually on the mods tab and press the dropdown menu next to "remove" button on VUI+ and press "manage file conflicts"

      manual install:
      after installing VUI+ overwrite dialog_menu.xml in your main games folder (Fallout New Vegas\Data\Menus\dialog) and there you are done

      mod manager install:
      after making VUI+ last in your load order and then MTUI on top, just edit the conflicting files manually on the mods tab and press the dropdown menu next to "remove" button on VUI+ and press "manage file conflicts" and on the dialog folder there should be "dialog_menu.xml" and then change it from VUI+ into MTUI (this is for vortex)

      i think it works the same with other mod manager
  2. NoobYorkCity
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    MCM, MTUI, and oHUD all overwrite each other partially. According to the oHUD description page, it says to install them in this order:
    1. Activate Darnified UI or any other UI overhaul mod such as MTUI.
    2. Activate Project Nevada
    3. Activate Mod Configuration Menu (MCM)
    4. Activate all other HUD altering mods (see above list).
    5. Activate One HUD (oHUD) *.
    Would anyone disagree with this? 

    Sorry for cross-posting, but the option to search has been removed so I can't search this or any topic on the forum page anymore.
  3. SaltySpitoon101
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    "Ammunition is stored in the balls"
  4. DhruvS
    • member
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    Haters gonna hate. This is the ONLY UI mod that has worked for me without a hiccup. Tested *thoroughly* with both Steam and GOG copies over the period of a year. The only other alternatives, Revelation as well as VUI+ lag the game like hell once installed. MTUI, on the other hand? Runs smooth as fuck. Does what it's supposed to out of the box, no patches required. Looks beautiful as well. I'd say it's somewhere between the Revelation and the VUI+ with the VUI+ having the same old stock background for the in-game dialogues and the Revelations having a VERY fancy one; MTUI is also my premiere choice because it's neither of those- it's an interesting, subtle, minimalist texture which neither distracts from the dialogue being presented too much, nor makes it too bland to read. The text is smaller and neatly organized like in the other UI mods and with a custom font of your choice, it becomes that much more easy on the eyes. 10/10 would endorse again.
    1. lohi2
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      Agree. The bonus, and the reason to use it, is that it's on Nexus. Sure, they can host mods on other sites, but to stay away from Nexus where almost everyone will go first is strange. MTUI is simple, it's basically the original UI that is resized to show more stuff. Simplicity is good.

      The drawback is the conflict with MCM (with vortex). But looking at the install instructions for VUI+ it's the same.

      And OLD mod is never a problem. It's not like the New Vegas game changed to have new technology and requires new mods. I'll use something if there is something else that does the same thing, comes on Nexus, and doesn't have a dozen or more patches, tweaks, and reskins.
    2. KaptainCnucklz
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      Installing things like NVTF and NVHR should fix lag issues. VUI+ works without hiccups, it's just that the engine's bits for memory handling are all full of dust and cobwebs lol.
    3. Stickmanfan126
      • member
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      Yeah I don't understand the hate people give this mod. Saying it's "outdated" and "doesn't work in this decade". Works fine for me. I got over 100+ mods and this baby makes the dialogue options fun to look at. I feel like people hear/see one thing and immediately jump to the conclusion that it's "bad" or don't know how to mod themselves so they blame the mod when it's their own fault. 
  5. sidomodding
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    Is it compatible with revelation ?
  6. picnicxxx
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    I'm using this mod in Fallout 3.
    After installing this, a large, square black screen will appear on the opening screen, and you will be able to confirm CTD by buying and selling with a merchant.
    1. Stray0rabbies
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      This mod isn't meant for FO3
  7. OfficerHotPants
    • member
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    How have I played for a decade without this?
    1. RemoveEdgelord
      • premium
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      You shouldn't play with it in the current decade; it's fucking ancient
    2. mlundquist
      • member
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      got any suggestions on what to use then ?
    3. AtticusBlasi
      • member
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      Vanilla UI+ is most likely your go to
    4. Bleu1001
      • premium
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      Use this, MCM, and UIO. Works Great!

      Vanilla UI was removed/taken down, or owner's account was.
    5. Annorexorcist
      • premium
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      Vanilla UI Plus hasn't been on the Nexus in a while. It's over on ModDB: >here< 
    6. Deathbyautopsy
      • member
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      It works fine. Not really sure what's wrong with it. 
  8. ElkianLionblood
    • member
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    Anyone know a mod that allows for the Save list extension like this does? It's not working with MTUI for me now (I understand that it's ancient) and I've seen a few mentions of UIO but they all discuss a mod that can't be downloaded anymore so I'm kind of adrift here. Getting it to work again with the copy of MTUI I have would also be fine.
  9. Nodevski
    • premium
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    Doesn't work and clashes with MCM. Not recommended.
    1. Manan6619
      • premium
      • 77 kudos
      Yup, it's pretty outdated - I'd recommend Vanilla UI Plus.
    2. orokinlonewolf
      • member
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      Works fine for me if you don't use an overhaul mod like Project Nevada
    3. NoobYorkCity
      • premium
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      Vanilla UI Plus looks a lot like what MTUI does, but with more features (ex:DR and DT on seperate lines). Sadly no multi-color, but I'd rather have text I can actually read without holding the windows button and hitting +. Thx Manan6619!
    4. camodew
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      the dialogue menu looks a lot worse with vui+, is there a way to get mtui style dialogue menu in vui+?
  10. SoMaTheCandleMaker
    • member
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    Still works just fine ^^