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  1. sidomodding
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    Is it compatible with revelation ?
  2. picnicxxx
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    I'm using this mod in Fallout 3.
    After installing this, a large, square black screen will appear on the opening screen, and you will be able to confirm CTD by buying and selling with a merchant.
    1. Stray0rabbies
      • supporter
      • 76 posts
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      This mod isn't meant for FO3
  3. fangbutt
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    If you want to use VUI+ but still keep MTUI's dialog interface (because it's a million times better) just open MTUI in explorer, go into Menus and delete everything except the dialog folder. Then load it under VUI+. Works fine.
    1. angelastuff2
      • member
      • 27 posts
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      Thanks for this tip !  I really like VUI+ except for the dialog.  I'm going to try out your suggestion !

    2. Dtaylor2279
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      Thank you fellow wanderer!
  4. OfficerHotPants
    • member
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    How have I played for a decade without this?
    1. RemoveEdgelord
      • premium
      • 532 posts
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      You shouldn't play with it in the current decade; it's fucking ancient
    2. mlundquist
      • member
      • 5 posts
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      got any suggestions on what to use then ?
    3. AtticusBlasi
      • member
      • 8 posts
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      Vanilla UI+ is most likely your go to
    4. Bleu1001
      • premium
      • 2 posts
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      Use this, MCM, and UIO. Works Great!

      Vanilla UI was removed/taken down, or owner's account was.
    5. Annorexorcist
      • premium
      • 209 posts
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      Vanilla UI Plus hasn't been on the Nexus in a while. It's over on ModDB: >here< 
    6. Goremurder18
      • member
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      It works fine. Not really sure what's wrong with it. 
  5. ElkianLionblood
    • member
    • 113 posts
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    Anyone know a mod that allows for the Save list extension like this does? It's not working with MTUI for me now (I understand that it's ancient) and I've seen a few mentions of UIO but they all discuss a mod that can't be downloaded anymore so I'm kind of adrift here. Getting it to work again with the copy of MTUI I have would also be fine.
  6. Nodevski
    • member
    • 495 posts
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    Doesn't work and clashes with MCM. Not recommended.
    1. Manan6619
      • member
      • 2,100 posts
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      Yup, it's pretty outdated - I'd recommend Vanilla UI Plus.
    2. orokinlonewolf
      • member
      • 20 posts
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      Works fine for me if you don't use an overhaul mod like Project Nevada
    3. NoobYorkCity
      • premium
      • 214 posts
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      Vanilla UI Plus looks a lot like what MTUI does, but with more features (ex:DR and DT on seperate lines). Sadly no multi-color, but I'd rather have text I can actually read without holding the windows button and hitting +. Thx Manan6619!
    4. camodew
      • member
      • 127 posts
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      the dialogue menu looks a lot worse with vui+, is there a way to get mtui style dialogue menu in vui+?
  7. DokQZ
    • member
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    Still works just fine ^^
  8. Stronglav
    • supporter
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    I only have weapon mod menu and not compatible
  9. Hanker109
    • supporter
    • 387 posts
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    So far the best is Darnified, you need to install with FOMM-FORK version. Next, you need to copy the fonts that come with Darnified and paste in both .ini(s) located in Documents. Open the .ini(s) with Notepad and Press CTL + F, type fonts. Replace the old fonts with the new ones. If you add a mod that may cause Darnified to mess the display, just uninstall and re-install.
    1. NoobYorkCity
      • premium
      • 214 posts
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      Yes but it's not on Nexus because reasons. Fortunately there are some sites that do host it.
      Ex: https://www.moddb.com/games/fallout-new-vegas/addons/darnified-ui-v04
      TTW edition: https://taleoftwowastelands.com/viewtopic.php?t=7284
      I'm using the TTW version and it works great. ... except for one thing.

  10. tesnexus8
    • member
    • 430 posts
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    This somehow manages to cause the game to not load any saves any more. :(
    Only have this and YUP installed, and it's definitely this, but I can't even begin to image how effed up FONV's clowncode is for something this simple to cause it to lock up.
    Very disappointing, as the stock UI is absolute garbage and NV desperately NEEDS mods like this.

    Updated: man this is weird... I can't load any saves made with this mod installed: I just get a permanent spinning roulette wheel when I try. But if I load a save from before I installed this, after that it all works fine and I can load the saves that didn't work just seconds earlier. I guess the UI isn't the only part of this game that's a piece of s#*!: most of the code is too. I've got a workaround now though, and that's good enough. It's just a bit worrying that things will only get worse as time goes by, but I guess I'll see what happens.
    1. ewgff
      • member
      • 52 posts
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      That happens with a multitude of mods. I think its a problem with YUP
    2. KaptainCnucklz
      • premium
      • 1,963 posts
      • 219 kudos
      It does it with or without YUP. I have no idea why, since you'd think age wouldn't be a factor given there's been no game updates all this time. I'd suggest using Vanilla UI Plus instead, as it tends to have regular updates and support.
    3. Manan6619
      • member
      • 2,100 posts
      • 69 kudos
      I'd normally leave this alone since the original comment is nearly a year old, but I think I'll post this for posterity. If you ever find that your saves are stuck loading forever, try starting a new game, play it until the first autosave triggers, then try loading the save.

      Alternatively, you could try the recently-released Infinite Loading Screen Fix NVSE plugin. I'm not sure if it addresses the problem I talked about, a different one, or both(I haven't used it, myself), but the people in the comments sound very pleased about it.