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Will add a few optional additions, settings and enhancements to Nehrim. Expect more features to come than the sprint function which is currently in it...

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Please check the changelog in the changelog tab or simply click here.

With V1.0 this mod contains just a properly working sprint function based on my code for the mod Oblivion Subtle Sprint. Unfortunately I used "ModAV2" in that mod to decrease the fatigue upon sprint usage. It worked as I capped my frames when I tested the mod, but with uncapped frames it's a hell of a mess as the fatigue is depleting too fast.
I've fixed that now by using 5 different diseases that drain the fatigue over time. :)

I am looking forward to add additional features mostly from the (in?)famous mod "Nehrim Expanded" which my old mentor AltDunmer and Tealor Arantheal wrote together...

So feel free to watch this mod evolving and don't hesitate to try it out. :)

  • A message box menu. Yes, I write that as feature even though I hate message menus but Oblivion had no Mod Configuration Menu, so that's the best bet. :P
  • An additional diary which has "NOA" written on it. Click on it to open up the message box menu. It will be added upon start, so you have to wait a few seconds until you get it.
  • A Sprint function that uses a stupidly complicated formula for determining the speed bonus, also allowing the player to add an additional offset of -100 to 300.
  • A Re-assignable sprint key.
  • A toggle-able handicap when sprinting backwards. Lesser than 25 athletics will give the player a 25% chance to fall down when sprinting backwards. That chance decreases according to the player's athletics level, but I don't need to note down any more as everything is explained in the message box menu.
  • A menu hotkey system where the player can set up two hotkeys to make the usage of the mouse not mandatory for various actions.
  • A new leveling system for the mercantile skill. Explanation can be found in the uploaded pictures or the ingame menu itself. This function is OFF by default!
  • A new setting to calculate your bank account accoring the correct amount of days of your absence is added. However, this can either be considered as cheat, as the regular script to pay you your bank interest, is still working and builts upon the value sitting in your bank which will be increased already by my script. There was no cleaner method to do this, as I did want to touch as least of the base records as possible. Aside of that, I had to touch the bank cell, as I've added a new object which has the script for the new forumla running. This function is OFF by default!
  • New function to change the governing attribute for ANY skill. I haven't built in any restrictions and you can use it at any time you want. So I recommend you use it once per playthrough, otherwise you might just end up misusing it. :P The settings are NOT saved into the savegame. The reason why I can recover these settings is an array variable which stores the player choices. But nothing from the real attribute changes and renames are saved, as these will be written by the Nehrim.esm (and other plugins like the Translation.esp) itself. I am not sure if the array variable unloads when you deactivate the mod, but even if not then it just has 21 different actor value codes stored which cannot be used by anything else.