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Aggregates multiple forms of income on nearly every "Expected Change" tooltip (Denars, Influence, Militia, Food Stocks, Loyalty, Security, Prosperity, Settlement Tax) with easy support for translation into other languages.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Polish
NOTE: Aggregated Income will be discontinued as of v1.2.0+!

The main expected change tooltip has been grouped by TaleWorlds in the latest versions, and thus this mod seems to no longer really be necessary nor worth it to maintain.

You should uninstall the mod from v1.2.0 onward.

Thanks for sticking with the mod up to v1.2.0; I hope it served you well!

  • Party balance (from # parties) - denars
  • Caravan balance (from # caravans) - denars
  • Garrison expenses (for # garrisons) - denars
  • Tribute (from # kingdoms) - denars
  • Village tax (from # villages) - denars, food
  • Town tax & tariffs (from # towns) - denars
  • Castle tax (from # castles) - denars
  • Kingdom policies (from # policies) - denars, militia, food, loyalty, security, prosperity, settlement tax
  • Building production (from # buildings) - food
  • Sold food goods (from # goods) - food
with Improved Garrisons load order does not matter
  • Garrison training (for # garrisons) - denars
  • Garrison recruitment (for # recruiters) - denars
  • Garrison guard wages (for # garrison guards) - denars
  • Garrison financial help (for # garrisons) - denars

Know of any other forms of income that need aggregating? Please do post a suggestion!

NOTE: You can hold down Left Alt to see the original, "detailed" views.

Integrated Languages
  • English
  • Russian (Русский) courtesy of Boyarus.
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Português (BR)) courtesy of sfellype.
  • French (Français) courtesy of Charly30.
  • Italian (Italiano) courtesy of Edeflej.
  • German (Deutsch) courtesy of bobmarcelo.
  • Simplified Chinese (简体中文) courtesy of zz3zh4.
  • Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) courtesy of zz3zh4.
  • Turkish (Türkçe) courtesy of Mattdown.
  • Polish (Polski) courtesy of Firellin.


As of v4.0.0, this mod goes off of pre-translated strings for aggregations, and thus will work for every language. However, this mod also creates unique strings for the categories that need to be translated, otherwise they will always display in English.

If you want to add a translation to another language:
  • Duplicate the "ModuleData\Languages\EN" folder and rename it to reflect your language's abbreviation (ex. russian = "RU", polish = "PL", etc.).
  • Open your duplicated and renamed folder and rename the "str_english.xml" file to reflect your language (ex. russian = "str_russian.xml", polish = "str_polish.xml", etc.).
  • Open the XML file you just renamed in your preferred text or source code editor (Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code).
  • Change the language="English" attribute at the top to your respective language's ID (usually the EXACT name from Bannerlord's Options > Gameplay > Language setting).
  • Translate all of the strings' text="" attributes from English to your language.
  • In your duplicated and renamed folder, open the "language_data.xml" file in your preferred text or source code editor (Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code).
  • Change the id="English" and name="English" attributes to your language's ID from step 4.
  • Change the subtitle_extension="en" and supported_iso="en,eng,en-en,en-md" attributes to reflect your language's abbreviations (ex. russian = "ru,rus,ru-ru,ru-md", polish = "pl,pol,pl-pl,pl-md", etc.).
  • Change the xml_path="EN/str_english.xml" attribute to reflect the path to the XML file you renamed in step 2 (ex. russian = "RU/str_russian.xml", polish = "PL/str_polish.xml").
  • Save the file, close it, and you're done! Feel free to either send your translation's folder to me for integration into the main mod, or to upload it to Steam/Nexus Mods as a translation! :)

  • The mod is implemented in a very compatibility-friendly way using Harmony.
  • Any patches and additions my mods make always implement error handling to allow the game to keep running properly when exceptions arise.
  • As far as I know, it should be completely safe to add to or remove from existing saves, as it does not add or change any save-related data.
  • I personally use all the mods I create and thus have heavily tested them, so the mod should be very stable.

Steam Workshop: Aggregated Income
GitHub: SortedIncome