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More rewarding XP gains for your companions after they successfully solved a quest for you.

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Sending companions solving quests for you is a great idea. When I tried it for the first time, I was thrilled: i'm gonna gain relation points with the notables & merchants and see my companion's skills increase while they are on their own. Perfect for preparing them to become caravan masters, party leaders or governors later in the game. Then, after 14 days:

You gained 1000 denars.
Isilfaed the Huntress gained 1 skill point in Two Handed and is now 83.

Well that is great. I looked at the code and did the math: Isilfaed is gonna need 20 more quests (280 days of absence) to reach Two Handed 100. And it's not even significant. Worse: there is a significant chance she will gain One-Handed or Polearm instead.

Deserving Companions

This mod does only one thing: it tweaks the skill XP rewarded to your companions when they return from a successfull quest.

In Vanilla, a single skill is rewarded. In this mod, multiple skills can receive XP:

  • Skills that are required by the quest (100% chance). Some requirements may be composed of multiple skills (e.g. One-Handed or Two-Handed or Polearm). In that case this is the highest skill that is going to be rewarded. Total XP rewarded is related to issue difficulty and issue duration.
  • Party skills such as Leadership (50% chance), Steward (50%), Scouting (50%), Medicine (25%), Tactics (25%). Total XP rewarded is calculated from issue duration and the number of troops leaded by the companion.

Overall, the XP rewards are significantly higher than in Vanilla -- reflecting the sacrifice of giving up on a companion during more than 1 week. In terms of gameplay, the objective is to make sending companions on quests a great way to prepare them for a future role in your clan -- more specifically by training their party skills.

Math & Balance

Skills required by the quest

In Vanilla, rewards are between 1,000 and 2,000 XP for a single skill. In this mod, rewards for the required skills are significantly higher: typically between 15,000 and 30,000 depending on issue difficulty and duration. Though it still means that your companion would have to do the quest between 10 and 50 times (depending on focus points) to go from skill 100 to skill 200.

xpRewarded = xpRewardedVanilla * issueDuration * 2

Party & leader skills

Party skills (Scouting, Leadership, Steward, Medicine, Tactics) are rarely rewarded in Vanilla. In this mod, all quests can lead to an increase in party skills if the companion led some troops. It makes sense: this is the only way your companion can learn before the next stage -- under your mentoring and using the troops you formed! XP rewards are lower than for required skills, typically between 1,000 and 5,000 XP depending on the number of troops and issue duration.

xpRewarded = menLeaded * issueDuration * 10

Skill Requirements

Each quest is associated with a set of skill requirements that must be satisfied by a companion before being able to send him on a quest. This mod lowers those requirements by 75%. The value can be adjusted in the MCM if needed.


In the MCM, you can adjust the amount of XP distributed by the mod (in %). This is gonna impact all the mod rewards, i.e. both required skills and party/leader skills. You can also adjust the progress chance for each party/leader skill.


Why no version for 1.5.9 ?
Well, I'm playing on 1.6.0 and I make the mods that I want to use in my own games. I don't have 1.5.9 installed anymore and I don't have the disk space required to keep multiple versions of the game at the same time... I'll try to backport my mods in the following days though.

Is this savegame compatible ?
Yes, the mod only runs when a companion returns from a quest and does not save anything. You can disable or enable it anytime during your campaign.

XP gains are too low!
You can use Smooth Level Up or Leveling Rebalance. Their changes will be applied to this mod.

XP gains are too high!
They can be adjusted in the MCM.

Known Issues

Companion skill requirements settings are not taken into account for "The Art Of The Trade" quest.


Mod Configuration Menu

Source Code
Forks, contributions and issues welcomed!


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