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Customize unspents attributes, focuses, and perks when hiring a companion. Ensure that missing wanderers spawn faster.

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Don't you hate it when you hire a level 15 Scout with Cunning 2 and a single focus point in Scouting ?
Don't you hate it when you hire a Steward that took bullshit perks that are never gonna be useful to you ?

Flexible Companions

This is a mod that allows you to have more control over the skills of your companions. When you hire them, a portion of their attributes, focus points, and perks will be unspent.

Default values are balanced around ~4 lvl of unspents points :

  • 4 unspent focuses
  • 1 unspent attribute
  • 1 unspent perk in each skill tree

But those values can be customized in the MCM.

Starting skills and levels are unchanged.

Additionnal Wanderer Spawns

In Vanilla, the game spawns an additionnal wanderer every ~6 week. This means that if a specific type of wanderer did not spawn at the beginning of your campaign (let's say, a spicevendor) it can takes a very long time before you see one of them spawn in your game. Especially since wanderer templates that are missing from your game are not prioritzed over the one that already spawned.

Every week, Flexible Companions checks for wanderer templates that are missing from your game and, if needed, spawns a new companion from a missing template. In other words, you shouldn't have to wait more than a few weeks before crossing the road of the wanderer you want.

Note that Flexible Companions does not take hired companions into account when checking for missing templates. So if you already hired a Spicevendor, there is a good chance you will see another spawn in a few weeks.


Are family members and lords impacted ?
No, this mod only works for companions. There is already options in Vanilla to influence the stats of family members and lords are already impacting the campaign with their stats before they join you - it doesn't feel right to respec them when they join.

How are initial attributes and skill focuses distributed ?
Attributes and skills focuses are still distributed through the Vanilla system, i.e. randomly but with a tendency to focus on the highest skills. This mod doesn't change this behaviour -- it just prevent the game from distributing all the points.

Does it require a new campaign ?
No, companion respec runs only when you hire a new companion, and additionnal wanderers are spawned regardless of when you install the mod.

Known issues

If you hire a companion and kick him out of the clan without assigning their unspent points, the game will automatically distribute them after some time. Those unspent points will not be available when you hire him again.


Harmony (not needed anymore since v1.1.0)
Mod Configuration Menu


Bannerlord's Unofficial Tools & Resources (BUTR)

Source Code
Feel free to contribute and/or add issues as this is my first Bannerlord mod and my first experience with C#.

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