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Gain more skills from practice fights and tournaments. Impress local heroes and notables with your performances.

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This is a simple mod that makes fighting in practice fights and tournaments more rewarding.

Gain more experience in the Arena

In Vanilla, XP gains are significantly lower when you fight in the arena rather than in a battle. This mod increases the portion of skill experience gained when fighting in arenas :

  • 25% instead of 6% in practice fights
  • 50% instead of 33% in tournaments

Still lower than in battles, but significant enough so that you can start developing your melee skils in the arena during the early game (instead of grinding fleeing looters).

Impress local heroes & notables

When winning a tournament, you have a chance to gain relationship point with each:

  • Daring noble that attended the tournament
  • Town's notable
  • Local wanderer

The base relationship gain is small (+1). There is a little chance for higher gains (+2, +3) -- especially with daring characters.


In the MCM, you can configure:

  • The % of XP gains in practice fights and tournaments (25% and 50% by default)
  • The chance of impressing a noble, a notable, a wanderer (50%, 50%, and 50% by default)
  • The base relationship gain (+1 by default)

Future Work

  • Dedicate your victory to an unmarried maiden or suitor
  • Better gold rewards for practice fights
  • Situtionnal bonuses based on match events (like winning a round when outnumbered, number of knock outs, "first blood")


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