Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

Added Samurai-like Faction, join or conquer them, this is not intended to be Japan accurate but it is inspired from samurai equipment

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Japanese
  • Italian
Mod Translation support links
Japanese - Link by ponney68
Simplified Chinese - Link by Cloudust12345
Russian - Link by Ghazan54
German - soon

If you want to make another language support, the template is available on Miscellaneous files. :D

Credits to ponney68 for all the correction such as names and string error problems.

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Latest Changes Version v1.0.0 Alpha release

-Made to run for v1.0.0
-currently no settlement, Tetsojin will occupy Khuzait towns
-horosha clan is currently disabled, they cause crash when entering towns

-Banners for Tetsojin
-Headband - for improvement
-wood version of tetsubo
-jingasa/gasa has been improved
-implemented civilian template for troops (for thug wars inside town) - for improvement

Future update requires another new game

-More custom banners sigil
-Translation support
-Reimplementation of yari
-Yumi remake
-Lord armor templates variation

Near Future

-Standardize the armors to fit with other cultures
-Horse armors
-smithy parts

Latest Changes Version e1.8.0 Extended
First of all, Old armor is added

Settlement Changes:
Tetsojin village production has been properly distributed in comparison with native, so no more iron surplus
Wall levels of tetsojin is level 1, since they are relatively new to calradia(also to nerf them)
Hearth and settlement prosperity has been properly applied in comparison with native 
Added Towns, villages and castles
Total of 6 Towns (3 Towns has been added)
Total of 8 Castles (4 Castles has been added)
Total of 28 Villages (lost count of it)

Tetsojin Kingdom Changes:
Battania is specialized on two handed and archery, I use Battania kingdom as a template for tetsojin
Added more lord and babies to match battania, their skills is also matched to prevent over powered leaders
Towns, village and Castle count is added to match battania, tetsojin has 1 extra town though
Due to increase in strength, Tetsojin will be at war against aserai and khuzait at start of campaign considering that khuzait is at war with empire already
Reworked units for balance because of expanded territory:
Tetsojin is now focused on foot soldiers since only nobles can fight on horseback
-tetsojin bandit equipment
-tetsojin militia equipment
-tetsojin normal troop tree and equipment to match battania troop
-tetsojin noble troop tree and equipment for cavalry and horse archers
-tetsojin caravan guard equipment
-horosha equipment
-horosha clan is now an outlaw, umbra clan is not

Smithy rework:
-pommel is now available for tetsojin templates
-great Sword template is assimilated on Katana
-Nagamaki is no longer a polearm
-improved some tetsojin weapon models

Minor changes:
-removed banner color for cloth boots
-tetsojin wanderers, used aserai wanderers as template
-tetsojin tournament is readded

Future updates:
Shoulder remake due to clipping
Add samurai horse armors
Black paint style on katana
Adjust back flag to prevent 3rd person vision for player
Samurai helmet rework
Add props dagger on samurai belt
Reapply yari model sometime soon
Tetsojin mercenary troop recruitable on Tavern rework
Settlement descriptions rework, currrently they are copy/pasted

Latest Changes Version 1.8.0 Beta
-Added mixed versions of shoulderguards
-armor rating is balanced for market prices

Latest File for 1.7.0 Stable
3 Towns
4 Castles
13 villages

Latest File 1.6.3-1a

Attempted to balance the Tetsojin Culture, buff for positive, nerf for negative
Armor rating increased[Buff] I got lots of comment about armor rating
Damage rating increased[Buff] Some katana cant even damage a heavy armored unit so melee weapon buffed
Troop uniform decreased[Nerf] Some tier 2 and 3 troop will have (recruit)cloth armor due to plate armor rating increase
Revised party template[Nerf] To have more recruits just like native cultures

-Files should go inside Modules folder

-Delete every mod folder that has "Tetsojin" word on it.

Not compatible with mods that add settlement.

Thanks to:
Logo Made by niq
Item reference and suggestions by Ōtomo Makoto
Translation support led byponney68

Currently supported mods as of 1.5.7 and 1.5.8 version
Promote to noble troops - connected the elite troop line to regular troop.
She will always be your brother - A very simple mod that changed your story brother's gender.
No Idle Hands - lets you use one handed weapons into two handed weapon
Tetsojin (A.K.A Ronin) - Added samurai like faction to the game
Tetsojin Warfare - make every faction samurai like, standalone, no need to download Tetsojin (A.K.A Ronin)
The Legendary Blacksmith (1.5.7) - added companion with 400 smithing skill
Thermal Katana - Arasaka's prototype katana is missing, but can be found on bannerlord's cheat inventory if you install it.