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Tetsojin Warfare is a mod that changed the lord's party and lord's armors into Tetsojin, this will be a sandbox where everyone has equal power in terms of troop roster, and equipment

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Other Versions
Tetsojin (No New Settlement) - Compatible with mods that has new settlement. 
Tetsojin Equipment (Samurai) - Equipment only
Tetsojin (Aka. Ronin) - Tetsojin culture added on campaign, with their own new settlement

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Compared to original Tetsojin Mod, this does not contains new settlement and new heroes. Just a native gameplay with a changed party and lord equipment. So this is almost compatible with every mod that doesn't alter native culture or troop overhaul.

Just paste inside game directory


It will replace one original xml file which is "sandboxcore_equipment_sets" to change the equipment of heroes ingame.

Delete tetsojin_warfare folder from Modules and apply back up files downloadable on Miscellaneous files.

e1.5.7 above only
Calradia Expanded compatible or other mod with settlement

Compatible to every mod except mods that alter native culture or mod with troop overhaul. You can still install it with this mod but it might be obsolete since you cannot recruit troops like them, I recommend loading their mod next or last than my mod if you want it to take effect.

Not compatible with my other mod "Tetsojin" or Towns Mania

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Currently supported mods as of 1.5.7 and 1.5.8 version
Promote to noble troops - connected the elite troop line to regular troop.
She will always be your brother - A very simple mod that changed your story brother's gender.
No Idle Hands - lets you use one handed weapons into two handed weapon
Tetsojin (A.K.A Ronin) - Added samurai like faction to the game
Tetsojin Warfare - make every faction samurai like, standalone, no need to download Tetsojin (A.K.A Ronin)
The Legendary Blacksmith (1.5.7) - added companion with 400 smithing skill
Thermal Katana - Arasaka's prototype katana is missing, but can be found on bannerlord's cheat inventory if you install it.