Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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An update of Maegfaer's excellent mod which stopped working after 1.5+.

Fixed for 1.5.1+ and with a little extra functionality (MCMv4 Integration). I'm hosting it here until/when Maegfaer comes back to claim it.

Tested on 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3, 1.5.4, 1.5.5, and 1.5.6 (beta)

Permissions and credits
An update of Maegfaer's excellent mod ( which stopped working after 1.5+. 

I fixed it and added a little extra functionality, and notified Maegfaer, and I'm hosting it here until/if Maegfaer comes back to claim it. 

What Does it Do??

This mod will remove any crafted items from shops & tournaments
(Tired of seeing your low level "Crafted Javelin" as tourney prize? This mod will take care of that.)

Mod Options:

  1. Option to remove Crafted Items when you load into the game.
  2. Option to remove Crafted Items each time you enter a settlement.
  3. (New) Option to ignore any item flagged as Unique (so it doesn't remove items created by other mods such as Special Loot)


Tested and confirmed working on versions:
1.5.1 | 1.5.2 | 1.5.3 | 1.5.4 (MCMv4 Version Only from here on out | 1.5.5 

Latest Main Release: 1.5.6 
Latest Beta Release: [None Yet]


Quick Setup (Using MCMv4, since it will be the only one that works w/ the game as of release 1.5.4)

  1. Download & install this mod
  2. Download & install Harmony 
  3. Download & install Better Exception Window (Not a hard requirement, but it really helps diagnose crashes)
  4. Download & install Mod Configuration Menu (v4.0.7 or v4.1.0 for game v1.5.3, v4.1.0+ for game v1.5.4+)
  5. Download & install ButterLib (Requirement for MCM)
  6. Download & install UIExtender (Requirement for MCM)
  7. Modify your load order to load MCM and it's requirements before native mods, and Bannerlord Tweaks last.

Load Order:
  • Harmony
  • Better Exception Window
  • ButterLib
  • UIExtenderEX
  • Mod Configuration Menu (MCM)
  • MCM v3 Integration (MCM-Submod)
  • MCM ModLib Integration (MCM-Submod)
  • Native
  • Custom Battle
  • Sandbox
  • Sandbox Core
  • StoryMode}
  • [All Your Other Mods]
  • ...
  • ...
  • --> Crafted Item Copyright <--
  • ...
  • ...
  • [\All Your Other Mods]
  • Bannerlord Tweaks (If you use it)

(Note: Verify this load order even if you use an auto-sorting launcher, as they can frequently get it wrong and cause crashes)


Recent Change Log (See Changelog for Full List)

v1.5.6.2 (Main 1.5.6 Branch)
    - Updated for 1.5.6 release. Small clean-ups. NOT Tested on v1.5.7 Beta, so use at your own risk. (Might work, might not... let me know!)

v1.5.5.2 (Main 1.5.5 Branch ONLY) & v1.5.6.1 (Beta Branch 1.5.6 ONLY)
    - Added option to ignore items flagged with the 'IsUnique' property, which should prevent it from removing items created by Special Loot mod 
        and other mods which flag created items with that property.

Part of the Jiros Dead Mod Revival Project:
Bannerlord Tweaks - A collection of configurable tweaks to support your play-style. ( Original author: Mipn )
Crafted Item Copyright - Remove crafted items from shops and tournaments. ( Original author: Maegfaer )
Sound The Alarm - Pop-Up Alerts to let you know when your settlements are under attack.  (Co-Authoring with TheWulfPanda )
Leave Settlements on Click - Exit settlements by clicking outside of them. A small, but useful mod. (Original author: ReaperAnon )
Manage Remote Companions and Parties - Manage companions and parties remotely. (Original author: RathorDax)
Kaoses Parties Sizes - Allows manipulation of party sizes, troop limits, & speed for various party types. (Original author: Lazeras)

Got a favorite mod that seems abandoned or hasn't been updated in a while? Let me know and we'll see what can be done.